Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Top: Nordstrom; Pants: Gap (similar); Mint heels/Black heels: Lulu*s

I love my heel collection. Hobbling around the courtyard of my apartment complex. Around the office, tripping over the stairs to the elevator, clacking up and down the sets of stairs. They're green, pink, black, gold. They're strappy, chunky, spiked.

And some of them, they hurt. A lot. The two above are probably my most painful (but pretty!) heels.

The average woman feels pain from her heels in 66 minutes. In these, I feel it pretty much after the first step onto concrete. Or wood. Or carpet. Or anything really.

These feet weren't built to be stacked up high, towering above their flat-shoed friends. These feet want moccasins, nice cozy, comfy moccasins. But they LOVE their heels. And I love the way my calves look, the way I feel more powerful, the way I feel fashionable. I don't want to give them up for something flatter and less stylish. I want to keep my 3+ inches.

But again, ow. I wear boots to work. Or flats. My heels live in my purse or underneath my desk. And they just get put on for the bearable parts of the day that don't involve walking more than a block. To the water cooler and back for the work day, I am not in pain. Walking home 1.5 miles, however, I am. 

Rockport recently asked me to try wearing my heels to determine how quickly they hurt my feet and I took the challenge to heart this afternoon, for about 10 minutes, until popping off my heels and taking a seat on the couch. Stay tuned for the second part to this painful saga... and let me know - how quick do your heels start hurting your feet?


  1. Black pair is such a classic piece and the green pair isa chic and makes a whole outfit much brighter :)

  2. I hear ya! Some heels are just awful to wear! Great look!

  3. I love both of these pairs! And I know you're in tons of pain, but you'd never know it. I'm a dancer so have super strong ankles, so it takes a while for my heels to start hurting. However, I am known to be that girl wearing flip slops with her dresses after I hit that 2 hour mark.

    Awesome shirt btw!

  4. Wow, maybe my feet are numb from all the dancing and running over the years. It's usually HOURS before heels bother me (new shoes excluded). I can totally see the average being 66 minutes though, coworkers always make comments about how Im running around the office in mine ha

    xo, Nina

  5. thats always my biggest dilemma...comfort vs. style...more often than not i wish we could have both..but that never usually is the case! great heels girl love the turquoise ones!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  6. LOVE your blouse. Beautiful look on you.


  7. There are honestly some very comfortable heels, I can usually go about 4 - 5 hours in my normal heels before getting a wee bit uncomfortable. I used to work 8 - 10 hours shifts at a department store standing up in heels, I would wear my Cole Haan heels with Nike Air technology so they have more cushioning. Girl, you need to get comfortable heels!

  8. Ahh totally feel ya girl lol sometimes beauty is painful!! I call shoes like that car to dinner shoes---worn on nights you will only being doing those two things :)


  9. Love the shirt, and those turquoise ones are beautiful! Shame that they are so painful! I have one pair I can wear for almost 2 hours before they start to hurt, but most of my heels hurts after about 30 min or so.

  10. Oy, I hate it when super cute shoes are uncomfortable! The worst!
    But those pumps are sooo cute on you- especially the bright ones! Great for spring.


  11. Love the shirt and heels! Yea, heels can be super uncomfortable, but I'm a teacher and so I'm on my feet all day and got used to it. Or maybe my feet are just deformed now. Ha.
    -Alex of

  12. i have found that my pointy toe pumps hurt the quickest... within a matter of like 15-20 mins? but like my round toe pumps hardly ever hurt!! but the pointy toes are soo much more sexy haha!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  13. If the heels have good quality and design, 2 hours is probably the max I can tolerate (I found that some of ZARA heels are actually good). But for the most of heels, I would say maybe 20-30 minutes :( PS. love the strip top!
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  14. Well, it depends on the heel. Some are inherently more comfortable than others and I do darring things like go grocery shopping in them. Others are more car to restaurant to home heels. Mainly my issues are with my toes hurting more than the rest of my foot, and I have a strict 3" height limit (unless there is a little platform)
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  15. love the teal shoes with that stripe blouse.


  16. It definitely depends on the heel for me. My new Splendid boots are 3.5 inches and I can go all day in them without any pain. I have some Gentle Souls pumps that are equally comfortable. And then I have some pumps that hurt after about an hour, but I've been trying to rid my closet of those.

  17. These are both pretty pair of heels I especially like the black with gold. I rock heels pretty regularly too 5 inches is my favorite height. I always keep a big purse though so I can throw on Toms if i'm running around too much. What girls do in the name of fashion!

  18. So cute! I love the black heels.

  19. I love that shirt.
    xx, Michelle

  20. I feel you on the hurting problems. I have both – some comfortable and some painful heels (love them all!) I like the shoe to have a bit more sole under the toes – creates better cushion for walking walking. Also, since my feet are slim and tend to slip out of some shoes, I prefer the strapped options that way I have the stability and confidence to walk around. Last (but not least), the material the shoe is made of – sometimes that's what killing my feet more then walking in it.
    Take care, xoxo
    ~Mia | Carpet Cleaning Hampstead

  21. I must be a crazy person, because I LOVE wearing heels. I stand on my feet teaching all day & then some… must have been all the abuse I put my feet through doing ballet from age 3 to 18. But yes, I can appreciate the squishy comfort of non-heels too. Love those teal ones pretty lady!


  22. Love love love that look so pretty!

    The Other Side of Gray

  23. I find my heels to be pretty comfy but I am very picky about the quality of my shoes, especially heels my mom just had to have foot surgery from years of wearing poorly constructed shoes.


  24. Some heels I have are painfully uncomfortable, but some are not bad! I think it depends on the style. I usually opt for wedges because they are 1,000 times more comfy!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  25. You are looking fabulous! I love both heels, especial the mint pair.



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