Thursday, March 6, 2014

Virtual Chickens

Top: c/o Kintage (similar); Skirt: Lilies boutique (similar); Heels: c/o Lulu*s (similar); Bracelet: Chelsea Charles

Sometimes I am absolutely ridiculous. But I'm not one to let the ridiculous moment go by without a mention on social media, to my colleagues, and clearly a blog post.

Let's set the scene: Yesterday I had an amazing phone call with my wedding photographers that not only eased my wedding planning nerves, but made me absolutely certain of my photography decision, and I walked away wanting to be best friends with the both of them. More on that soon, but that excitement got me all in a flurry of activity. Hopping off the phone call I was blabbering on to Ben about it and preparing to settle in for a long night of tending my crops on my new farming app. What can I say? I'm a sucker for growing virtual wheat and harvesting eggs from virtual chickens.

It was a culmination of excitement about the wedding and feeding my virtual chickens their seed that led me to dash down the stairs, miss an entire stair, fall straight down on my butt and go falling down about 1/3 of our staircase.

It hurt. Really badly. I ended up smacking my butt into the edge of the stair in a full fall and it instantly bruised. The giant bruise has made it impossible to sit down today and I unhappily discovered the massive purple, red and blue bruise on my rear end this evening. It explains the sharp pain that sitting/wearing tight clothes/or brushing against something causes, but ugh. I spent much of last night laying on my stomach, holding an ice pack over the affected region whimpering but it seems to be on the mend - usually for a bruise that's looking worse but feeling duller.

If you were wondering about my virtual chickens? They're ok!


  1. Love that bold pattern against the soft colours in the skirt and heels!


  2. love everything about this outfit!!

    Alice's Pink Diary

  3. love the skirt! :*

  4. Oh no!! I did that once down the stairs in my house and it hurt for weeks! Hope you feel better soon!

    Love those mint heels, by the way!

    xo Amy

  5. Thank god the chickens are ok!


    Also your nails are still looking fab, so I need to get to Sephora ASAP and buy that kit!

  6. You look so beautiful dear! Gorgeous outfit.

  7. The skirt is so cute and I like the color of the shoes!

  8. Aw, glad to know the virtual chickens are safe & sound. But ouch!!! Your fall sounds crazy and I'm so glad you're okay. I'm an absolute klutz and disaster half the time it's terrible! Loving this outfit by the way, yay for chevron, always! Happiest weekend, girl! xoxo

  9. Oh no, that must be really painful!

    Glad the virtual chickens are good though :)

    I really love this outfit. that skirt is great!
    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

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  11. Cute heels!


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