Tuesday, April 1, 2014

$130 Sephora Giveaway

Before starting my new job and sitting next to a make-up junkie that also loves to shop, I'd been to Sephora once. I'd gazed upon the beautiful makeup that was lurking out of my price range and moved on. I'm a drugstore makeup and beauty product girl. I am actually terrible at applying it, using it, and being creative with it unless I find some kind of "Makeup for Dummies" tutorial. Putting on eyeshadow usually only assists in making me look like I was punched in the eye and lipstick makes me lips look obscenely huge and my teeth yellow. Lovely.

But my colleague drug me to Sephora the other day to get new nail polish from their (amazing!!!) Formula X line. It was not only a great deal, but it has been instrumental in keeping my nails looking fabulous and polished for the past two months since getting engaged. It also stopped me from biting my nails and I'm now four colors and a top and base coat set into their polish line. I'd highly recommend it.

While waiting for my colleague to finish clearing out the racks of more sophisticated make-up, I wandered about Sephora and was horrified at how amazing everything was. I was feeling up the tray of Clinique chubby lipsticks, drooling at the Marc Jacobs polishes, learning about "BB creams" (I'm late to the game people), and wishing I could afford an $8.50 makeup application sponge. Help me!

 And you, I suppose. I joined in on Jade and Oak's $130 giveaway to Sephora with these other lovely ladies. Check out their blogs and enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!


  1. I love Formula X!! I have a particular hard on for the effects polishes. If they didn't go with white packaging on the cremes I would be waist deep in them too. Thanks for the giveaway! =3

  2. What a fab giveaway! Love your blog.

    Xo Jenessa


  3. marc jacobs' nail polish line is seriously enticing. my bf bought me one color and i'm hooked!



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