Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Girl's Night In with Kohls

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I know you've read some posts about our wedding planning process and the heartache we've been going through. Bogged down in the muck of family stress, recent family illnesses, and our own frustration, it has been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The other day my grandmother reminded me of the phrase "It's always darkest before the dawn" and we are hopefully at our darkest moment and dawn will soon approach. I'm going to throw a shoe at someone if it's actually just midnight and it is not in fact almost dawn. 

To break out of the misery of wedding planning and my new, apparently impossible venue scramble (I joked that if I had the right photographer I could get married in a trash can. Apparently that's going to be coming true...), I decided to take a break and enjoy another piece of the planning process with others that are not in the middle of the stress. This weekend I hauled Ben over to a friend's apartment so that he could hang out and talk medical school with his friend and I could work on my registry with some lovely ladies while drinking champagne and eating macarons!

Registering for wedding gifts is kind of weird in our modern era of cohabitation before marriage. Ben and I already have most everything we need and so do most married couples I know. My married friend Brittany (seen above with the prettiest curly hair I've ever seen) was lamenting the process of getting rid of stuff as they have had too much furniture since before they tied the knot. I know that I got my Kitchenaid long before we got engaged, we love our current dish-ware, and I am at capacity with glassware and crystal. So sticking to traditional registries doesn't seem right for us.

During our get-together I started a registry with Kohls. The sign up was super easy and within probably 30 seconds I was up and running, selecting items to put in our registry. I know that the whole portable scanner thing that goes "beeeep" upon scanning the item you want in your registry is one of the most gratifying and iconic pieces of wedding planning (in movies at least), but Kohls has 65% of their wedding registry online. Move aside store scanner. We just made the beeping noise on our own to achieve the same feeling. Some of my favorite items we added this weekend were an at-home sound system by Soundfreaq for our phones/iPods (we're in dire need of a sound system that's compact), basically all of the KitchenAid attachments we're missing, a percolator for coffee (we just use a Melita filter now), and a level 3 down comforter. Not all of these items are non-traditional, but there certainly was a massive range of things to choose from that didn't just fit in the dishes and appliance category. For that, we're so grateful!


There are some other awesome perks of having a Kohls registry like earning 10% rewards on gifts purchased on your registry, guests to your wedding will earn 20% off in store purchases... I could go on and on. Bottom line - it's easy, versatile, and saves you cash (and you can keep your registry secret until you are ready to publish it to the world!).

The get-together helped me take a mini-vacation from wedding planning when what I feel like is throwing in the towel altogether. That's not a healthy place to be when we're under a year out and need to start getting some pieces of the puzzle figured out! I'm so grateful for friends that are able to just sit back and laugh with you.


  1. Those macaroons look delish! Seems like you had a fun girls night!

    Melane | Oh Sweet Remedy

  2. Looks you're having such a fun time with the girlies! Love your photos! <3

    xo, Alina
    Style by Alina | Lucky Fabb Conference Whirlwind Experience

  3. What a cute kitty
    xx, Michelle

  4. hang in there girl i know planning a wedding can be stressful but remember to relax and enjoy it! only happens once!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion


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