Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summer Cover

Cover-up: O'Neill c/o SwimOutlet; Sandals: c/o Aeropostale

When the sun starts to shine, I get googly eyes for summer vacation. I don't even get a summer vacation anymore and I'm over here drooling thinking about lazy days with no work, endless beaches and swimming until your skin is tired of salt, sunscreen, and sunshine boring into it. Planning our wedding in Hawaii means that I get at least two quality hours of googling images of Oahu beaches and resort pools. That can't be healthy for the Portland-bound girl that I am. Or my Portland-bound computer that's forced to conjure up amazing beach photos for me every day. Sorry, computer!

I got this beach cover up from SwimOutlet with my future resort-going days in mind. They may not be for another year, but judging by the weather changes here lately, this isn't going to be getting heavy use until that sunny March 2015 vacation we have planned. One of my favorite things about beach cover ups is that they let the breeze in, but they also give you some skin coverage just in case you're starting to get pink and toasty. In Hawaii a beach cover-up in considered being dressed up, so you can actually go out to dinner in them, bathing suit top soaking through and all. I'm not sure if that's a pro or a con for Hawaii style but it certainly makes it easy!

Do you have resort plans in your future? What do you wear that does double duty on the beach and off?

P.S. I uploaded this look to the swim outlet fashion showcase online. If you pick something up for your summer plans, be sure to do so as well! 


  1. Great coverup I always like to have something that can go all day during the summer too. Sometimes you just don't have time or the resources to change outfits. Thanks for sharing the SwimOutlet I never heard of them and I need a bathing suit!

  2. I love to wear beach cover ups in the Summer time.
    I'm a beach person so I can't wait for Summer to go to some nice beach
    resort and recharge my batteries.

  3. I ALWAYS treat summer as vacation time even though I still have to work. I think partly it's because I worked with kids for so long that "summer vacation" was still something that played into my everyday life. Even if it meant spending more time with the kids I took care of it was still effecting my life. Anyway, regardless of your work schedule summer always feels more relaxed and of course the days are longer! I just love that color on you and am looking forward to more of your warm weather looks!

  4. I love your blog, and this dress is gorgeous! I really love the second pic :) (I have a giveaway I would love to if you'd participate)
    Kisses ♥

  5. Loving this beach cover up! The length and color is perfection!

    xo, NIna

  6. I just got a kaftan in the same color (maybe even the same print), looks amazing on a summer tan. Love it!

  7. What pretty Kaftan! You look stunning!

  8. such a beautiful cover up for summer! the color is fab!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  9. cute! Love that color on you

  10. Love the cover up and your sandals! The color is very summer-y! I hope you get a vacation soon!

    Added you to my reading list!


  11. What a great cover up! Love the color and pattern!

  12. You look so pretty in this color! Love it :)

    Tiffany Ima
    <a href=">Style Honestly </a>

  13. Such a perfect cover up!

    xo Amy

  14. Love that you have matching sandals, too! We're heading to Hawaii next month for my little brother's wedding... those are the summer plans I've got coming up! I'm going to be on the search for a new bathing suit, and already have a few maxi dresses that I plan on wearing... they aren't maternity, but they're bump friendly, so I think they'll work great!

  15. Wow how beautiful, love this post!
    Ive just found you blog and i love it, gonna give you a follow!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog too!

    thanks x

  16. So cute!

  17. Gorgeous color!!

  18. Such a fun summery look!

    x Kat


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