Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Skin

Dress: c/o Mott 50*; Scarf: c/o Aeropostale; Flats: Asos (similarsimilar)

Whenever function is associated with fashion, the results are disastrous. Think: Crocs. And the snuggie. And pajama jeans (shudder). Items made to be comfy and useful can often achieve those two aims without any glitches, but along the way they lose their stylishness. It's sad. Because who wouldn't want to wear a comfortable, breathable rubber shoe around whilst draped in a backless blanket jacket and wearing stretch waistband pajama bottoms out of the house? I know I've been there.

For those of you that nodded vigorously to the above sentence, please see this ridiculously comfy maxi dress (can I wear it to bed please?) that's not only a pretty maxi dress for the summer, but is also a skin-protective cover up for the beach. Fashion. Meet. Function. I don't know if you're aware that not all fabric is created equal in the sun and skin protection department. You can actually get UV-ray penetration through your clothes. Without actual UPF in the fabric of your beach cover-ups, you're not actually covered-up. It felt like a secret and a terrible crime until I discovered this UPF 50 coverup maxi. If I ever take it off, I'm going to pack it in my suitcase so I don't forget to take it to Hawaii next March.

Don't believe me that Mott 50 is crazy comfy and stylish for your beach travels? Nordstrom carries Mott 50 (they know everything) and Mott 50's coverups are listed in Elle's Spring and Summer must-haves.

*Snag this dress (or other Mott 50 styles) at 10% off just this week (for Ladies in Navy readers only) using the codeNAVYLADY


  1. This dress is so pretty on you! I loooove that material too, looks really comfortable :)

  2. Beautiful and girly look! I like how simple this whole outfit is, but still stylish :)


  3. I love the lone pocket, adorable!


  4. GIR BYE! I can't even with your perfect skin!

  5. That dress looks lovely on you - and the summer scarf, too!

    xo http://www.mrsjaclynleblanc.blogspot.com

  6. Such a gorgeous dress and you always have the most beautiful photos! Loving every detail of this!

  7. Comfy, stylish and protects your skin! Can this dress be any better?!


  8. Love the scarf as an accent - such a lovely color pink on you!


  9. Love that color! The scarf is such a great accessory with your adorable maxi dress :)


  10. Stunning as always!
    -Alex of http://snippetswithalex.com

  11. love the dress. great length & colour.

    come check me out!
    mon | http://www.monsemble.ca

  12. An adorable dress that protects us from the sun??? Sign me up!! Thanks for sharing about this brand!

  13. Sounds like a great brand! :) And the dress is gorgeous, love you in that colour too! xo

  14. I love the color of this dress, so pretty!

    xx Kelly
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