Saturday, May 24, 2014

The City Fair

Top, jeans, flats: Gap

I kinda-sorta forgot that it was Memorial Day weekend. And Ben has a scheduled exam next week. And my parents are coming to town in 10 days and there's much to be cleaned and spruced for their arrival. So we're house-bound for the weekend. Ben studying, me practicing calligraphy and rearranging bookshelves. Tonight, after getting some quality Dawson's Creek episodes in (and a haircut!!), Ben came home from studying on campus and we went for a walk down the waterfront in the warm weather and setting sun. It was gorgeous out and packed. There's a city fair going on this weekend and there were all kinds out and about enjoying the music, food, and rides. We people-watched, and gosling-watched, and sunset-watched all down the Willamette. What a perfect way to celebrate the first day in a three-day weekend. Much needed reprieve from work and life, even if we're just sticking around here.

Also, sorry about the lack of posts lately! Ben has been busy, we've had lots of errands to run, Portland had a boil notice that preoccupied me with boiling all my water for 24 hours to avoid poisoning, and my wardrobe is sorely lacking. I'm trying to keep my clothing spending down as we have a lot of wedding expenses piling up and I'm spending my money on calligraphy supplies for invitations right now. The Gap's beautiful white eyelet button-downs have been leading me to temptation though and it's only been my busyness that's kept me away from their store. I swear, with my Gap fixation, you'd think I was sponsored by the company. If only! I'm just a believer.

Happy long weekend folks!


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