Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Horizon

Dress: Forever21 (similar savesimilar spend); Heels: Nine West c/o Zappos; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Clutch: Clutchline

Being a natural anxious person, I get easily overwhelmed when there is too much going on. That means the good and the bad. When I have a lot to look forward to, I get anxiety about everything exciting that's approaching. And if everything's going terribly? Just count me out. I'll be taking stress naps and Netflix binges until it all goes away. I swear, I wasn't made to be a successful human. Or even a functional human.

Right now, I've got the too much good going on. The horizon is peppered with awesome events. My parents are flying out in the beginning of June. This has been a long-time coming and I rarely see my parents (maybe once a year), so it's going to be exciting to show them around the city. We're also going wedding dress shopping while my Mom is here! Ben and I are busy planning the top 3 places we have to take them to eat (impossible in PDX) and the top 3 fun outdoorsy events to do (also impossible in Oregon). 

Then in July, we're taking our engagement photos with our beautiful, lovely, ultra-talented photographers. They're from Seattle and will be down in Portland for another wedding, so they're cramming us in to their tight schedule (hallelujah!). I'm kind of freaking out about it. I'll need some help, as we get closer, picking an outfit! And a hairstyle! And deciding how to do my make-up. And a nail color. Ack. 

And add to all the rest of that, planning a wedding and coordinating different details like bridesmaid dresses, and flowers, and learning calligraphy, and buying plane tickets, and helping other people buy plane tickets, and registering for gifts, and getting my friend officially licensed to marry us, and... 

Let me breathe for a second and remember that I've got 10 months on the last paragraph there and can chill out for at least today. 

Are you the anxious type? Anxious about only bad or the whole spectrum of anxiety-inducing events? How do you cope when everything's awesome and yet you're still overwhelmed?


  1. These photos are GORGEOUS! You are a stunner :) Love this dress!

  2. Love your dress! When I have too much going on I force myself to take a 30 minute break. No phone, no computer, no iPad and just relax. It refreshes me every time!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!


  4. Ummm skinny freakin mini. That is all. LOL.

    You look gorge as usual lady! xoxo

  5. You look absolutely stunning! Gorgeous outfit!

  6. for the last paragraph with the most stuff in it, theres just one thing to say: delegate!! your friend who is marrying you can get licensed on his/her own. have a calligraphy party and have a few people help you with it.
    And registering for gifts is FUN! It's like shopping with other peoples money. ;) Plus, they give you free wedding magazines.

  7. I completely understand the feeling of being overwhlemed by both good and bad. In either of those circumstances my immediate reaction is to freeze. Instead of working on a looming to-do list or accepting invitations that are pouring in, I will opt out and burrow. No one knows why that is my my natural take on things, but I do know that burrowing will not make me happy. While it might be easier to check out and isolate myself, I know that that isn't the best thing for me.

    To fight this urge, I take things slowly - one at a time. I prioritize and give myself realistic goals. If it's a daunting list of chores, I tackle a small chore first to get the ball rolling and to feel like something has been accomplished then I'll go after my top priority. If I'm being antisocial and I need to jump back into being a butterfly, I similarly start small, for instance a movie with a friend, and work up to hosting a dinner party.

    I also have realized that I have a personal balance that needs to be kept in order. When I start to feel like pulling away from everything, it is usually because I'm not balanced and my body/mind/whatever is self-medicating by jumping to an extreme. To keep balance in my life, I'm working on routinely giving myself "me-time." I've found that when I take time to pour into things I love just for me, then I am less likely to tune everyone out for weekends at a time.

    Best of luck in finding your own balance and in tackling all of the events in your life!

    xx Katie

  8. Love that color on you!

  9. Cute dress! Love it!

  10. I love the dress the pattern and color is so pretty!

  11. These photos are amazing!! You are so naturally beautiful. And the print on that dress is perfect! And very flattering on you :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  12. That dress looks lovely on you. The color and print are very beautiful.

    I can totally relate to feeling anxiety over the good and the bad. You seem to be dealing with everything pretty well, and seem very self-aware, which is always a positive thing. Best of luck with everything!

    -Helen Grace

  13. Isn't it amazing how having too many good things makes one paranoid that something is going to either go wrong or just something isn't right?

  14. STUNNING photos and that dress how beautiful!!!

    XO meghan
    citrus fashion

  15. This dress looks SO nice on you and is so flattering!I love the pattern as well.


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