Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Everything In Its Right Place

Top: c/o ModDeals; Jeans: Paige; Flats: Sears (similar); Sunglasses: Forever21

They say bad things happen in threes, but I think that good things just happen in clusters (months or weeks of good tidings that wax and wane). I feel like my life is chugging along at its usual warp speed -the summer (and our one-year mark in PDX) is arriving, work goes by at a rapid pace that's disturbing to me, my 25th birthday approaches next month, and the wedding is tumbling toward me. While things move along as expected for me and I have no "news" to report, the whole world and everyone around me seems to be experiencing amazing things. After a dreary winter of bad things (breakups, bad jobs, dreaded relocations, surgeries, and illness) all around, it's so nice to be surrounded by friends that are finally getting their good news.

I have friends embarking upon any new chapters in their life - one moved states with her boyfriend as he starts the Doctor of Osteopathy program in Colorado, a few are beginning new relationships with all the butterflies that come with new love, one is pregnant(!), and a few are getting new jobs that align with their dreams. My phone is awash with great news every single day and it feels so good to be sitting in Northwest sunshine celebrating happiness. 

I've probably used this title before in a blog post, but this all reminds me of the Radiohead song, "Everything in its Right Place." All is good and as it should be. Happy summertime!


  1. Yay, I love this! I totally agree that life seems like it's in a great place right now for so many people in my life, it's a happy feeling :) Love your hair btw, super cute! :)

  2. That's so nice to hear that you and your friends are having some nice things happening.
    I'm also in a better place right now than I was during the Winter months and it feels great to finally "breathe" and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me :)
    Have a great day!

  3. Look at that flat stomach! That gym time has paid off girl. You look fab and are going to look killer in your wedding dress!

  4. I love this positive post! Sometimes people focus on the bad too much but I love that you are focusing on all the amazing things around! Yay for life! :)

  5. AWHHH you are way too adorable? Can you just stop?! Gorgeous tank top and you have a beautiful smile!

  6. I love this outfit it looks so comfortable.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  7. LOVE the orange lip!


  8. Beautiful photos! I love those shades and that crop top!

  9. Love the glasses! Super cute!


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