Wednesday, July 9, 2014

His & Hers

Gucci Guilty; Versace Yellow Diamond (both c/o ShopAtHome/FragranceNet)
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When Ben and I met, he wore Hollister cologne and I wore Bulgari White perfume. I remember the little white bottle on my college dresser. I bought it on impulse out shopping with a best friend. We smelled so many perfumes and coffee beans before settling on two new scents. It felt so adult at the time. Ben's Hollister cologne was the opposite - a holdover from college that was full of memories. Funny how scent can evoke such distinct memories and feelings in all of us. Bulgari White reminds me of my junior year of college, of nights out at the ballet in Seattle. Ben's Hollister cologne reminds me of his sophomore year room covered in flags and Christmas lights. 

Since then, we've moved on. I haven't had a signature scent for a while, dabbling with some perfumes I won (Nicole Ricci's perfume actually!) and looking for a new one. I thought about Miss Dior Cherie for a while but chickened out when faced with the price. I also remember consulting with the cologne department with Ben to find him a pine-y new scent and establishing his Gucci Sport bottle on our bathroom counter. That cologne reminds me of watching the Nutcracker in Portland, of Ben going off to work at the hospital, of our newer life. It's definitely a signature for him - it smells forest-y and masculine.

When we were both given the chance to pick out two new scents, it was obvious for him - get a night scent to accompany his day scent. This Gucci Guilty cologne smells like warm, dark nights. It smells like drinking cocktails and being in love with someone handsome and clean-shaven. For me, it wasn't too obvious. Buying a scent online can be daunting - they can smell so bad on your skin immediately or even after a day. But I read some reviews, identified the scent profile I wanted (not sweet, not overly floral, but a combination of spice and musk and floral tones), and actually found this Versace Yellow Diamond perfume at Fragrance Net. And it's perfect. It smells exactly like where I am in my life right now - serious yet tinged with adventure. Mm. Now I just need a glamorous occasion to flaunt it.


  1. Great choice of perfumes! I don't have a signature one but lately I've been obsessed with Chanel's Gardenia and my man with anything from Giorgio Armani :)

  2. These photos look so glamorous! I need to find a new perfume. I love Miss Dior Cherie but they changed it a bit and I like the old smell better. I'm on the hunt my new favorite perfume now :)

  3. Great choices!! love those

  4. I've never smelled the yellow diamond by Versace but sound exactly like what I'm looking for - not sweet, not too floral, a little spicy. Thanks for the post!
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