Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pink Piping


Top: c/o Aeropostale (similar); Pants: Gap (ankle length); Heels: c/o Rockport; Sunglasses: H&M (men's)

I'm from Hawaii, where it hardly ever rose above 85 degrees, but if it did, we just drove to the ocean and got in. It did get uncomfortably cool and wet where I grew up and I remember dressing in front of the space heater and curling up next to the wood-burning stove during the winters with no real indoor heating. It made the transition to the wet, cool Northwest easier. I was used to the damp, soggy grass. Used to the shivering, wet cold that sets upon you in the December-February months. I was used to seeing grey for miles and miles, days and days.

I was n.o.t. ready for and did n.o.t. want to experience heat. No, thank you. If the temps surpass 85 degrees, we are simply not prepared to deal up here in the PNW. There is never enough AC; the apartments don't have cross breezes; we don't own shorts and tank tops that allow for enough breathability; we never use car AC; we don't own fans. It's all a big mess. Today, for the second or third 90 degree day in a row, we had to experience the horror of not being able to go outside due to the heat. Or stay inside due to the heat. I didn't even want dinner. And kept needing to take cold showers to even survive the apartment's hot floors and lack of airflow. Blergh. AC went on in the bedroom and we literally carried out TV upstairs to park in front of the AC all evening. I've finally found peace for my hot feet (does that happen to you? It's maddening) and might even be able to sleep tonight.

In any case, I hope it's not as hot where you are. But if it is and you have some ingenious trick, let me know. I could seriously just perish from frustration this summer.


  1. You don't even know! Ha ha. I'm from Arizona, and where I live it gets over 100 degrees for more than three months. It's terrible! Fortunately, almost all of the buildings and houses here have AC's. You don't have to worry about the heat except when you're transferring from one air-conditioned building to your air-conditioned car. It takes time to get used to the heat, but if I were to be granted the chance to move to a cooler climate, I would not have second thoughts! Anyway, I hope you'll be able to deal with the heat there. xx


  2. Floortje van CootenJuly 7, 2014 at 3:07 AM

    Nice outfit! Pink suits you very well


  3. Lovely! The sandals look great!

  4. Ugh, the heat has been crazy lately! At least you look amazing in those pants! They're perfect :)

  5. I love those cropped pants. They are definitely my pants of choice for the spring and summer and look so flattering with a cute pair of wedges.

  6. wow 85 degrees sounded like it was the perfect temperature cap.. :)

  7. Loving the shoes and the tee!

  8. I love the details on this top!

    xx Kelly
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