Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's Get Feminine

Top: Calvin Klein (via Ross); Skirt: Ross; Flats: Report (via Ross) (similar)

I'm going through another one of my phases where I feel both strapped for time every single day and crippled by the endless possibilities of things to do. I so often feel unsatisfied with my inability to learn, know, and excel at everything! It's hard to see these hobbies and skills that other people have mastered and feel like you're stretched too thin to get better at them. Watching my brother draw and get better at painting has been so frustrating. I'm filled with the feeling of: "I want to do that!" But the same happens when watching artists on Instagram write amazing calligraphy, or seeing graphic designers come up with awesome work, or photographers master film. 

And there's always some time to learn, but once I get home from work, I have precious few hours to straighten, eat, take blog photos, work on the blog, and then shower before 11 p.m. I seem to constantly be running out of time every single night! I want to work on my calligraphy, or read new novels, or finish my new magazines, or wedding plan, or blog... but not all can happen at the same time or in the same day. 

How do you all manage pursuing new skills and still maintaining your sanity (especially if you blog)?! I feel like I'm losing a battle with time right now and it's disheartening! I need some tips from you time managers out there. :)

P.S. This is my first pair of D'Orsay style flats and I'm loving them. On the hunt for similar styles and shapes (because somehow they actually stay on my foot, defying physics) and am drooling over the collection at Shopbop. For more options on D'Orsays, should you be in the market for some effortless chic-ness, check out their selection.


  1. I get how you feel, but being frustrated about this won't solve the problem.
    I have a kid and husband, I'm also taking care of my younger sister and at the same time I'm blogging, working, running the usual errands, doing housework but when the weekend comes, then everything, except my family of course goes on the side and that's when I dedicate my time to whatever intersts me and I have no time for over the week.
    I hope that you'll find your balance too. Prioritizing also helps the cause :)

  2. I love the outfit! The cutout detail in the top is so cute!

    And I know how you feel about running out of time. I get that way too. Often I end up sacrificing sleep, thought I try not to (but sometimes it's worth it!). Sometimes I have to say to myself, "No. THIS is most important right now. These other things will have to wait!" So, sometimes, things will fall by the wayside (including the blog) for a few weeks, or even months. I always come back to them when times get a little less stressful and hectic though! I think the key is to not put too much pressure on yourself. You are doing these things for fun after all!

    Good luck with all of your pursuits!


  3. Such a cute look! It's both feminine and edgy chic at the same time!



  4. welcome to my world of overwhelming crazy days... honestly, i had to prioritize my life in order b/c i couldn't handle being a new mom, manage my blog and just keep up with life in general...for me, blogging had to take a back seat for a little bit... i learned to lower my expectations for myself and try to have victories in SMALL goals like do the laundry! lol. start small, have small little goals and victories, that way you won't get so overwhelmed! hope that helps?! =) xoxo

  5. To begin with, you look amazing. I love the flats, and now I'm on the search for a pair of my own. Time management is always one of my biggest struggles. I'm one of those people that needs a solid eight hours of sleep, so staying up half the night doesn't work for me. Between school, work, a social life, and maintaining and growing my baby-stage blog, it can be easy to feel the stress.

    I suppose my best advice is just to enjoy what you are doing or trying to learn. There's no point in forcing yourself to learn a new skill if it isn't something that truly makes you happy! Focus on the skills you have that you know you own! Maybe not great advice, but I know how you feel and hope this helps in any small way!

    The What's In Between

  6. This outfit looks so nice on you, love it :)

  7. I love your eyelet top paired with polka dot skirt

  8. Oh it's a constant juggle to yes to things and say no to others.. just make sure what you are doing feeds your heart.. Take a deep breath and put you big girl pants on and get stuff done... then at the end of the day reward your productivity... You can totally do this! Love the flats by the way super cute!

  9. So classically beautiful! Love the midi skirt <3

    -- Michelle | <a href="”></a>

  10. i think it's pretty difficult to try and do everything,sometimes you just need to focus on the most important things and let others wait until you have more spare time :)

  11. I love how you mixed those prints here, that skirt is gorgeous on you!

  12. Beautiful look! I love how the print of the top utilizes cut outs

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