Monday, August 25, 2014

Night Terrors

Top: Elie Tahari via Ross; Khakis: Gap; Flats: Report via Ross (similar d'orsay flats); Bracelet: Stella and Dot (on sale!)

Yuck. Lately, I've been suffering from nightmares. I haven't had a night in the past week not marked by waking up with a beating heart and sense of terror. I haven't been eating any new foods, haven't been inhaling solvents, haven't been tormented in my waking life, and haven't changed a sleep pattern or detergent. I'm not sure what my brain is trying to resolve, but I've had enough, thank you very much.

My dreams have been ranging from intense, emotional nightmares where I find out Ben has died or my parents have divorced. In those I wake up clenched and crying, a stiff neck and arms fast asleep due to sleeping in a tense and twisted position. Others have been straight fear dreams - running through a forest with my cat being chased by a mountain lion, or trapped in a stairwell with rabid animals. Last night it was zombies, one of my ultimate fears. 

It definitely makes me ponder our dreamspace - that short period of time devoted each night to resolving and sorting the garbage in our brains. Watch too much Gilmore Girls one summer and you'll dream your mom is Lorelai. Read too many resumes in a day at work and you'll dream you're climbing through stacks of them like a climber summitting Everest. The weirdest things come forth and meld, a boiling pot of weirdness that can often hardly be remembered much less described coherently.

Any thoughts on recurring nightmares? I'd love anyone's remedy! For tonight? I'm going to switch to Ben's side of the bed and drink some water prior to falling asleep (in t-3 minutes). Let's hope it helps.


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  2. Ugh, that's the worst! I have nightmares every now and then and it's crazy how realistic they can be. As weird as it sounds, I frequently have dreams that end with my teeth falling out, which apparently is a pretty common one? I've looked up the meanings and there are a few different theories so who knows, but it always freaks me out!

  3. I have weird phases of having this one stress dream over and over and over again! I always wake up super pissed off too which kind of ruins my day!

  4. Oh no! Are you eating spicy foods before bed? No idea if that actually causes an increase in nightmares, but I've heard that at least :) Hope it gets better tonight! On a lighter note, the top looks fantastic on you! XO


  5. That top is so interesting! I am loving the look in different lights and think it's so classic! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just found your blog today! I browsed thru your recipes and fashion and I want to mention that your photography is out of this world AMAZING!! Seriously, your recipes especially. I am beyond impressed.

  7. That top is awesome, I love the texture! So sorry you have been having trouble sleeping soundly :(

  8. I have re-occuring tornado dreams and have yet to be able to put a finger on why I get them when I do. The best advice I can give is limit your screen time before bed. Give yourself a good hour of no computer or TV time and drink some chamomile tea just before bed--has a calming affect. In the last few years I've convinced myself that I dream about my awake time about 2-4 weeks in the future of it happening. I've had increasing amounts of dejavu (including a fleeting moment yesterday) I wish I could channel it to be helpful lol

  9. Yuck that's no fun I'm sorry.. Those sound like anxiety dreams... brought on by stress. Sounds like there is fear of loosing what you love most in the world... But the truth is you are valuable.. you are enough... and peace can be found..True love does last and happy endings exist.. So take a deep breath and know inside your heart that you are dearly loved.. and all that stress, fear and anxiety will just melt away. I'll be praying for more peace in your night time...

  10. Ugh, I'm sorry. That sounds horrible. Perhaps you *should* start inhaling solvents. See if maybe that fixes it? ;-)

  11. That sound horrid chick, I've no tips but hope is stops soon. Really love your top btw and your freckles are so cute

  12. I'm sorry to read about your nightmares. though it's been a while since I had them, I used to dream that I needed to hide from people chasing me and wanting to kill me. It eventually disappeared as I solved the struggled I was facing in waking life. I wish I could be of more help to you, but for lack of better advice, I hope those nasty terrors go away soon!
    I do agree with Bee, avoid TV 1h prior to going to bed; and maybe try to focus on positive and happy feelings when falling asleep (easier said then done)
    take care

  13. That drink looks amazing!


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