Friday, September 5, 2014

Conscious Collecting

Dress: c/o Ross; Heels: c/o Ross
*Vote for this look in the fall fashion challenge from Ross here

I think I've finally hit a stage in my life where I'm more conscious about what I'm adding to my closet. I'm not necessarily going the investment-piece route (because let's be honest, I still don't have $500 to thrown down for coats/bags/etc.), but I am definitely working harder to create a cohesive closet. When I look into the insane hanger maze that is my sort-of-walk-in closet, I'm want to feel like every single thing hanging (or rudely stacked in a pile) is something I LOVE to wear. If not, I donate it immediately. That goes for ill-fitting pieces, sweaters that are getting pilled, shoes that are embarrassing to wear in broad daylight, and jackets that have a too-small-shoulder feel.

In this recent more-conscious, less-Forever-21 shopping style, I've tried to keep an eye on the following:

1. Brands. What brand do I know fits me well? What brand offers a streamlined color palette that usually works into my current closet? What brand uses fabrics that don't distress easily and last longer than one season? I usually find myself drawn to shops with classic staples that always fit my body type. Think Gap, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, the Loft.

2. Colors. What colors work with my current closet and offer me more versatility? What colors are not only on trend but classic enough to last multiple seasons? This often lands me in the navy, white/cream/ivory, black, tan, and coral palette. This way everything new that I buy works with my current wardrobe and remixing becomes much easier. Buying a pair of shoes in mint when your entire closet is neutrals will often leave you limited in ways to wear your new purchase.

3. Patterns. What patterns am I likely to wear? What patterns are on-trend and work-appropriate? I often shy away from graphic tees with silly sayings as those really last one or two wears before the shirt's old. I also shy away from bold prints that aren't classic and easy to remix as they also get old after one or two wears. If everyone at work can remember your shirt that last time you wore it and starts to notice when you repeat it, it might be too bold. I try to stick to graphic black and white (think grid, lines, boxes, polka dots, and stripes) - hello sweater dress above!

4. Versatility. Can I wear this shoe to work and to play without looking awkward at either event? Can I wear this jacket during the transitional seasons or is it specific only to summer or to winter? Can I wear this short dress with a pencil skirt over it to make it work appropriate? When picking up my sweater dress above I checked a few items - will it be long enough for work with a pair of opaque black tights for the winter? Will I be able to wear it to a Christmas party with some fancy jewelry and high heels? Is it something that'll likely be on-trend next season? I found the answers all to be yes and that's how it ended up in my closet. 

I got this dress at Ross and am loving how well it fits with my current closet. I cannot wait for the weather to drop below this weekend's 95 degree heatwave! :) This look is also part of Ross' fall fashion challenge and you can vote for this look here!


  1. Love this dress on you! I can totally relate as well, my closet is growing up!

  2. I loves this dress! I also have to do the same. It's time to make some space for new clothes...

  3. Love that dress! It suits you a lot. And these are such great tips! I really needed these.


  4. Gorgeous photos! What a wonderful fall transitional look! And it seems like its comfy too! :)


  5. Amazing dress!

    Have a nice weekend!


  6. Jessica (What To Style)September 6, 2014 at 11:07 AM

    Amazing look, pictures and makeup! =D
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  7. What an amazing dress for fall!

    Joanne Catherine, My Pretty Mess

  8. This dress is so perfect for Fall! xo, Hayley

  9. the sweater + booties combination looks great on you!!

    xo, carli


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