Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Milk and Sugar, Please

Top: c/o Aeropostale; Skirt: c/o ModDeals (sold out); Flats: Ross; Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I am not quite sure how many first sentences of this post I wrote before I got to this "I'm not sure how many first sentences" sentence. That may be an example of what kind of day I had, what kind of sleep deprivation I am experiencing, and that it's clear I need to immediately go to bed. 

Ben was out of town yesterday on the coast fishing for some rainbow trout with his Dad and whenever he's gone I don't sleep very well. When I do get to bed, I rejoice in the freedom of a full bed to stretch out on, but it takes me ages. I watched two British romantic comedies last night until about an hour past my bedtime, laid in bed petting my cat for ages, and then woke up repeatedly all night worried about night intruders. I don't know what it is about pets and their freak-out stage of the night, but at 11 p.m. Archer wants to race around the house, freak out at windows, have me chase him, and pretend there's an intruder coming in by acting terrified around the dark stairs. Every single time I got him settled down and cuddled up, he'd shift his ears up, stand alert and slink out into the hall after whatever was spooking him. It in turn spooked me and I spent a good portion of the night defending myself with a pillow against nothing but the sound of rain and my cat's crazy-hour. 

Needless to say, I'm tired out and thrilled to have Ben home. With him around, the cat seems calmer, the intruders seem less likely and I can just go to bed and leave he and Archer to deal with whatever evil's lurking about the dark corners of the house. 

Hope you're enjoying the Feast-free day but in case you're missing my food madness, there's a final recap coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!


  1. You look so cute in this outfit! I especially love those shoes :)


  2. Simple and cute outfit! The photos and scenery look stunning!


  3. Cute! I love your shirt



  4. Love that tee, and those flats are absolutely stunning. xx


  5. Those flats are adorable, love them! Also, your t-shirt is definitely cute!


  6. Loved this outfit - perfect for Feast! And Lola does the same thing when Cam is gone and it drives me crazy!

  7. I love those ankle strap shoes!!! I have been looking for cute flats for awhile now.

  8. I adore your midi-skirt, and it looks fantastic with the ankle strap sandals. So chic!

  9. Love the outfit :)

  10. This looked adorable in person on Sunday! The shirts looked so short on the website that they had seemed like midriff shirts so I had ignored them before!

  11. i would definitely say it's cropped but not a super crop. i have a short torso and am wearing a midi-skirt here! :) i think i can almost get away with it with a higher waisted short... but jeans - definitely cropped.

  12. You need to wear that shirt to the cafe to get some coffee to keep you awake today. The shirt's message will prevent you from having to explain your order.

  13. Love this entire outfit, it's laid back but chic!


    Kristin xx

  14. Awww--so glad he's home! :) A night of good girly movies is always nice too, though. ;)


  15. graphic tees and a skirt - a girl after my own heart! super cute :)


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