Friday, October 24, 2014

October Wants

After my make-up appointment at Urbaca on Wednesday, I decided that I really need to up my face-game for my wedding (and any other events I happen to go to this year). Luckily my make-up artist gave me her card with all the products I need to achieve a pretty, understated smoky-eye. She recommended, for my pale skin, Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in these colors: Bone, Burnt Sugar (metallic/sparkly), and Rich Espresso. They're actually on sale at Nordstrom right now for only $19.80 a palette. I'm also totally a make-up brush noob and need to up my game in that department as well. This Sephora $39 brush set is apparently all you need. For those of you less challenge than I am, this is probably old news, but for the rest of the sad-make-up-ers... enjoy! :)


Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow: Bone, Burnt Sugar, Rich Espresso ($19.80 on sale at Nordstrom)
Sephora Brush Set


Gap Raglan sweater

I just bought a marled sweater at the Gap in blue that I'm obsessed with and these raglan sweaters in the prettiest of fall colors are calling my name. Gap has some great soft and wearable sweaters right now that're about 25% off right now online.


Madewell scarves
Shop other scarves at Shopbop here.

And of course, blanket scarves are on every single instagram account in the blogger-nation. I am digging these less conspicuous plaid versions from Madewell!


  1. I love the scarves! I'm finding myself completely obsessed with plaid scarves lately! And I still haven't bought one. Fail.

  2. Ooh I have been on the hunt for a cute plaid scarf myself...obviously. Ha. And surprisingly for as much as I love makeup, I've never tried anything from Bobbi Brown! But I've heard great things about her eye shadows though! As for brushes, I would definitely recommend checking out Sigma - you have to order online but they have awesome quality brushes that are like half the price of MAC and some other places!

  3. i love the plaid scarves!

  4. I need a blanket scarf too! I feel like I'm not a true blogger since I don't have one. lol. Although, even if I had one it's still too warm to wear it.

  5. I want a new brush set too!!! I usually use E.L.F but I want something better!!! lol


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