Saturday, December 27, 2014

Least Favorite Outfits of 2014

Try as I might to create a curated wardrobe of all perfect pieces, I would say that on a daily (and changing) basis, I hate the majority of my clothes. I'm not sure if this is the curse of too much choice, or just not collecting consciously enough, but there's always room in my 2014 recaps for the fails of the year. 

I think this was the day that I decided that I a) cannot wear olive drab and that b) I cannot wear this many muted colors in the deep winter when I am totally pale. This shirt hit the Goodwill pile after this post.

There's something about layering for winter in sweaters, skirts, tights, and dark heels that often makes me feel frumpy. This sweater, this skirt, and those heels are all great pieces that I still wear but together they didn't look great.

This outfit features a skirt that has seen better days, a top that Ben called my "Charlie Brown" shirt, and some shoes that were entirely seasonally inappropriate. Both the shirt and shoes have departed my wardrobe - the shirt for being too chevron for 2014 (and 2015) and the shoes for being miserably painful!

Again with the mint heels! This is a favorite blouse of mine, but paired with some grey slacks and mint heels, it felt like a fail!

Probably the most-least favorite look of all my looks in 2014. Or maybe just my awkward posing and bad proportions!

I occasionally head out to take photos in something rather thrown together after a day of cleaning and lounging around. I suspect that's the unfortunate cause of this shirt + these sunglasses (remind me that this frame type doesn't work for me) and these cropped jeans.

Just no to heels and shorts, heels and sweatshirts, and heels and shorts and sweatshirts.

This outfit wasn't particularly horrible - but I definitely am not a big fan of this style of dress (too short and spaghetti straps) on myself.

Finally, a bunch of favorites combined in this look that I didn't really adore. Waterfall cardigans infiltrated my wardrobe in late 2014 and I love them, but paired with a t-shirt and some distressed jeans I felt a bit grungier than I would like!


  1. Usually I see 'best of' round ups, but this is the first worst of. Though it is probably just as important to reflect on your failures as it is to celebrate the successes. Of course I wouldn't really call these failures either - so may just have been less than perfect photographs.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I actually quite like some of these that you didn't like. I like that you did a worst of though!

  3. Beautiful pictures and looks! Merry Holidays!



  4. I love this post! It's so different to the any other posts to do your worst rather than your best!

    Meg xx

  5. I feel like I never see a "least favorite" wrap up, but it had me cracking up! I feel like I have a lot of clothes I don't like either! If I took an outfit post everyday, I feel like I'd be embarrassed about what I wear half the time!

  6. I love your least favorites. I posted mine today haha! Always room for improvement :)

    xo, Maddy

  7. Natalie Carlson BrownDecember 31, 2014 at 6:00 AM

    I think you're being too hard on yourself in several of these. In the "least favorite" you look really cute! Maybe it's a good idea to stop mixing seasons though. I'm thinking that what might have bothered you in a few. Overall, I like how you put outfits together. :)


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