Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Whiter Wedding Smile

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As of today, our wedding is 38 days away. That's only 38 days to write out the rest of the menus, place cards, and seating chart. That's 38 days to submit final payments, go to my final dress alteration, make sure the flowers flowers flowers are all ordered, and come up with ceremony readings and vows and a schedule for the entire destination affair. That's also 38 days to look my best. And while I haven't been focused much on my body (my dress fits me like a glove, so I'm not messing with weird diets), I have been very concerned about my teeth.

I have never had a brilliant, white smile. My teeth were straight enough as a kid to not require $4,000 worth of orthodontia in the form of braces and retainers and I've always been pretty satisfied with them. But over time (15+ years of coffee drinking and about 5 years of wine-loving) they've lost their white luster. I've been offered whitening services, gels, trays, and tried every manner of whitening toothpaste, but my teeth are extremely sensitive and those were all too painful for me to use. Recently, I resigned myself to less-than-bright teeth and have been fretting about wedding photos (they're forever!). 

And then I had to chance to try Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste, a whitening toothpaste boasting a three-days-to-whiter-teeth claim just by brushing. Low effort is really up my alley these days and being able to just add a new toothpaste to my toothbrush is about the maximum commitment I can handle on top of everything else. This toothpaste has two times the recommended whitening ingredient and is faster acting than most whitening toothpastes (which, quite frankly, I've never seen results from). 

I've actually already seen results after using the toothpaste for only four days* (I brush two to three times a day for two minutes per brushing). And I still have 38 days to use it, to continue to whiten my teeth, and to gain some confidence about my smile for the wedding photos. Surprisingly, I also haven't felt the extreme sensitivity I have before and am looking forward to continuing to use this toothpaste, pain free. I've always looked longingly at actors with their shiny veneers that create big, straight teeth and felt like I should closed-mouth smile more often. But I think I may finally be on my way to brighter teeth and a happier open-mouthed grin!

Have you tried any whitening toothpastes before big events? Any success, tips, or tricks?

I picked up my toothpaste at Walmart this past weekend. Be sure to stop by a participating Walmart near you on 2/28 to see a demo and get a $1 off coupon for the Express White toothpaste!

*For best results, use as directed for 4 weeks


  1. Wow, I have sensitive teeth too so your experience is helpful to know! Also love how you incorporated your calligraphy samples into the post, they are beautiful.

  2. As a regular tea drinker, hear you on the shiny white veneer smile and the tooth sensitivity. Glad that you shared a your experience. I started oil pulling with coconut oil, it is weird in the first moment, but it strengthen your gum and let your teeth getting whiter without the sensitivity ( my experience- everyone is different:-). Congrats on the Wedding. You have already a beautiful smile- and in 38 days you smilie naturally, you will not hide- it is your day!

  3. I agree with Annika, either way, I'm sure you'll smile without a second thought on your special day! If the toothpaste works, then that's an added bonus. Personally, I've never tried any whitening solutions beyond toothpaste. I always told myself I'm not a movie star, so it doesn't matter too much how white my teeth are.

  4. I've noticed more and more discoloration in my teeth over the last several months as I have moved back to drinking coffee. I've been meaning to book an appointment with the dentist for teeth whitening, but I think I'll give this a go first since it has worked so well for you. XO


  5. How exciting! I am sure you will be showing off that smile a lot next month!!! #client

  6. Last time when i read this post i wasn't sure im gona see in my supermarket... i ve similar problem... and it was damn awkward ... yesterday i tumbled on it yuppie!!! Im excited and will give the feedback :)


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