Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Hour: The French 75

Ben knows that the way to my heart is through everything and anything French - a bottle of Cotes du Rhone or a french rose, soft cheese and cured meats, rustic baguettes, open air sipping and snacking - and so for Valentine's Day he opted to forgo simple champagne and make a champagne cocktail: the French 75. Technically, the French 75 wasn't created in France, instead New York in the early 1900s, but the name, ingredients and history are enough for me. It's a champagne, gin, and lemon juice cocktail that lends itself well to a few different spin-offs (substitute gin for cognac, or add cranberry juice to the lemon juice). It's named the French 75 because after sipping these all night long, you feel like you've been shelled by the French 75 mm machine gun.

That may not endear you to this cocktail, but I will tell you it's delicious and I will only recommend you drink one. Two at max. Then perhaps switch to water and more of your rustic baguette. 

Read on for the recipe!

You'll need:

1.5 oz (1 shot) of gin
.75 oz lemon juice
2 dashes simple syrup* 
5 oz brut champagne or prosecco
Lemon peel twist

*To make simple syrup: One part turbinado or raw sugar to one part water, boiled down until syrup-like consistency. Simple syrup can be made ahead, stored, and used in many cocktails.

In a champagne flute combine gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup to taste. Top off glass with bubbly (we used prosecco) and garnish with a lemon peel twist!

P.S. My dress is c/o Chicwish!


  1. I had these as the signature drink at my birthday party last year, but called them the Mere 27. So delicious!

  2. Very romantic! And I love Aria gin!

  3. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It sounds good.

  4. Looks so delicious! XO


  5. Sounds great, and I have all these ingredients on hand, perfect!

  6. Love the atmosphere you built behind this post and good info to know, I like french things as well. Ready to try that recipe any moment now. lol


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