Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses

I'm in the market for my rehearsal dinner dress (I think I've finally found it!) and have come across so many fabulous options that I felt inclined to share. Below are some of my favorites for different rehearsal dinner scenarios, and I tried to keep the dress prices down below $300. Though everyone wants to look fantastic for each new dinner/brunch/shower scenario, a girl runs out of money to spend on dresses (seriously, it's true). I've personally been shooting for an under $200 dress but might be using some coupons/sales/and gift cards to get the one I want.

The Bohemian LWD

Perfect for the laid back bride and the open air, summer rehearsal dinner. Pros? You can wear it again. And again. And again. I was obsessed with LWDs this summer and would absolutely call one of these a summer investment piece. You wouldn't believe the use you'll get out of them!


English Factory (1 and 3 - both under $75); Saylor (2 and 4)

Blush Elegance

Blush is one of the colors for my wedding and my bridesmaids will be sporting two tones of blush/pink, so blush is out for me to wear. I do think it's the most romantic color for wedding events, next to white, and would be perfect for a fancier reception. Again, a pink dress will be one that can be worn again, to someone else's reception, a wedding, or any Easter/church/brunch/baby shower event you can think of.


BCBGMaxazria (a splurge, by a favorite); Joanna August (many colors); Amanda UprichardBB Dakota (under $150)


I was originally shooting for a tropical floral maxi dress for our rehearsal dinner, but ultimately found a pretty maxi in a tropical color instead. Like the options above, I think a floral dress can be repurposed so many times that the purchase is worth it! Think: paired with tights in the winter, as something dressy for your next tropical vacation, and something you can wear again to a wedding!


Jill Jill StuartT-bags (on sale for $120); Parker (silk!); Tory Burch


  1. 1 and 3 are my fav as well very nice

  2. So I love the second set. I say the very last one on the left, or the first on the left, is my favorite but it might be edgier in real life. Either way you are going to look gorgeous!

  3. These rehearsal dinner dresses are so stunning! I love the ivory and peach! XO


  4. I love the off white, cream pale blush look for rehearsal dinner!! I can't wait to see what you pick!

  5. I love the short white dresses, but I think you should be adventurous for your rehearsal dinner. So chose what makes you feel sexy and beautiful...and that years later you'll be pleased with the choice.
    Texas Jak

  6. These photos are adorable! Loving your printed umbrella and those GORGEOUS printed dresses you included. I'm seriously such a sucker for a bright floral print lol! P.S. think you would adore the February Women Who Inspire Post we shared on the blog earlier today!

    xo, Jennifer
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