Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

It was 82 degrees yesterday here in Portland, so we barbecued turkey burgers, had beer and rosé, and spent time with friends. Just the way the spring should be shaping up! Consequently, I didn't have time to take a set of outfit photos in yesterday's gorgeous evening light, so today it's a list of some recent things I've been loving. I don't usually do these sorts of lists, but these items are worth a mention.

Read: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I read this book after hearing so much about its transformative effects on your life, space, and happiness. After the wedding, our house seemed cluttered with too many things, my closet was a constant nightmare and I was unhappy with most of my clothing (due to the fact that I had too many and they were stuffed into the closet). After spending about 8 hours doing just one closet three weeks ago, my back was aching but I was so at peace. The Kondo method is amazing and my closet is still immaculate! There's no going back. Highly recommended read.

For a seriously embarrassing look at the former state of my closet - here's the before, the amount we gave away (full size trash bags) not including what we threw away, and the end result (drawers).

Wear: Gap's Resolution True Skinny jeans

I've talked about these and worn them for a blog post before, but they've seriously not come off of my body in the past week! They're so comfortable, mid-rise (yay!) and don't get baggy or stretched out in the knees as some unfortunate pairs do. I've been wanting to expand the collection to include some of the skimmers and these jeans in additional washes!

This Cup of Jo article inspired me to branch out beyond my normal drugstore foundation line-up. Discovering Laura Mercier's barely their tinted moisturizer was a revelation that foundation can provide ultra-light coverage that works perfectly with freckled skin. I'm obsessed. Next stop, I'm trying the oft-recommended Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Paint: Sephora's Formula X Sheer Strength (Sheer Pink Porcelain)

In an effort to be more bold and update my nail polish collection, I strolled into Sephora (fuchsia and orchid on the brain) and walked out with two things: sheer polish in the light pink realm and a light pink nail polish about one shade away from the sheer. What's a neutral loving girl supposed to do? I love this sheer set as it's as barely there as the Laura Mercier foundation. Here's to natural for the spring and summertime!


  1. Love all of these things! I really need to get in and try on those jeans.

  2. ooh, I love the subtlety of a nude/sheer nail color. Thanks for sharing, cheers!

  3. Ugh, I really should declutter my closet as well, but I have such a hard time wondering if I might miss/want to wear a piece sometime in the future. I'll have to look that book up in the library!

  4. I do love a little splurge here and there on makeup - and yay for rose, my fave!

  5. Literally taking a break from cleaning my closet right now, might need to check out the Kondo method!

    An Unblurred Lady

  6. I love both colors of the nail polish. I've been leaning more toward neutral colors lately too. :)

  7. That sounds like a great book! I always feel better after de-cluttering.

  8. Nude polishes are so perfect for this time of year. I love how they can make everything else sort of pop!


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