Monday, June 15, 2015

Adventure Time

Top: LOFT (sold out)
Jeans: Gap
Sandals: c/o Rockport

To have a spare hour to go to the farmer's market this weekend felt like a breath of fresh air (and quite literally was). I think that my body has assumed a semi-permanent hunch associated with bending over sheets of Italian deckle-edge paper. And my fingers are turning gold from metallic ink. Stepping out into our gorgeous, green city to nibble on bright, ripe cherries, smell breakfast cooking on big skillets at the market, and steal away the season's final peony bunch, was everything I needed. 

Perhaps my favorite thing about Portland is how walkable and green it is. We live about a 15 minute walk away from the PSU Farmer's Market and can follow a little magnolia and rhododendron lined path up from the waterfront and into the campus. Along the way, we seasonally watch the city change around us. In summer, it is vividly green. Every single tree bragging about its leaves. By fall, the trees are a painter's palette of color. Squirrel bury their food stores, the air gets crisp and chill, and a wind winds through the pathways to cut through the warmest fleece. In winter, the water features are all turned off and quiet, the trees bare and cold, and the city seems so stark, rising above the leafless trees. And then by spring, the color is back. So many new leaves decorate the treetops, the paths are heavy with purple and red rhododendron blooms, planter boxes come alive, dogwoods droop with white petals, and the wild, city roses blossom like mad. 

The market is open year round, though its rather dreary in January and February, with most vendors uninterested in braving the wet and cold. By spring and summer, the produce is insane and (as you can see above) brightly colored. This weekend there were beautiful yellow tomatoes reflecting morning light, peas so beautiful and green that I almost forgot I don't like peas, and berries that create an overhanging smell of fresh fruit in the city. We have to restrain ourselves from buying everything and blowing the grocery budget. The danger of an in-season farmer's market, I suppose.

I walked the mile or so to the market this weekend in these new Rockport sandals that are really bizarrely comfortable for being a wedge with an ankle strap. Not once did my toes rub, my ankles get weary, or my feet sore. Cute and comfortable seems to be the rarest shoe, so I'm in debt to these guys. They're changing summer adventures from requiring ugly athletic shoes to requiring strappy wedges. What are your warm weather adventures shaping up to be this year? Share them on Instagram with the hashtag #MyDailyAdventure and #PoweredbyRockport


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Farmers Market is always such a nice experience!

  2. I love that farmers market. Peonies are my favorite (and the flower we used for our wedding). Great pics as always.

  3. Our Tuesday night market in Hillsboro opens tomorrow...and I can't make it...waaahh! Oh well, there are many Tuesdays left in the season!

  4. I love that the beets aren't just beets—they're BEETS! I feel that way about farmers market produce, too. :)

  5. Amazing pics & beautiful woman!
    xx, Flora

  6. I wish I had a farmer's market within walking distance from my house. The PSU one is so far that I've actually never gone.

  7. This farmer's market looks awesome! Love what you are wearing :)

  8. Neil has been preparing for a half and our Saturday's have been consumed with run club but now that the race is over we might actually be able to get back to our normal Saturday farmer's market outings.

  9. That first photo. For real. It's gorgeous, you're gorgeous. How fun that you live that close to the farmer's market.


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