Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Favorite Lipstick: Mineral Fusion

I'm a simple beauty routine girl, but that always involves some sort of lip color. I may lack the ability to keep it on all day long (something about reapplying always slips my mind) but I still think it elevates whatever you're doing with your look/face/style to a more polished level. I've recently started thinking longer and harder about what I am using on my lips, though, as the product going on them is also the product that we ingest every time we lick our lips, eat a meal, drink from our water bottle. And I'm usually pretty careful about what products are going on my skin because I have a lot of allergies. 

I'm unsure why this hasn't been on my radar but Ben kindly informed me, as I was applying some unknown brand of lipstick the other day, that the ingredients in our make-up can cause all sorts of cancer risk and disruptions to our endocrine system. Thanks, Ben! Methylparaben (and parabens in general) happens to be one of those ingredients and its used pretty widely across the make-up spectrum to preserve our make-up products. About 85% percent of our cosmetics use parabens and there is a lot of debate about whether or not they're really increasing risk or causing breast cancer in women, but it's generally thought that decreasing exposure to parabens is probably not a bad thing. What that means for you, if you'd like to limit your exposure, is that you'll need to hunt down a more natural product that doesn't need a ton of preservatives. 

Enter Mineral Fusion. I actually picked up a Mineral Fusion sheer moisture lip tint ($9.99) at Whole Foods in Hawaii the day before we got married (not a sponsored buy, just discovered it). I didn't have any lip color I actually liked on the trip and couldn't find any easy-access cosmetics stores. So to the Whole Foods for sushi and lip stick it was. Instantly fell in love with the line as the lip tint is easy to apply, doesn't look too heavy, and is moisturizing. I picked up Shimmer and it became my go-to for Hawaii and now here for work. 

It doesn't hurt that Mineral Fusion is a gluten-free, 100% vegetarian (and often 100% vegan), paraben-free, cruelty-free, and artificial color free line. That's what I want going on my lips and (when it's accidentally ingested) am not as worried about going into my body.  Some of my favorite Mineral Fusion lipsticks featured below and you can find them all at Whole Foods.

Color above is the Mineral Lipstick in Tempting ($14.99)

These products were provided to me (with no obligation to review) and the opinions here are 100% my own!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation of Mineral Fusion! I've been leaning more toward natural beauty products so I'm always curious about makeup lines that are paraben-free.

  2. These colors are great on you! Natural & affordable beauty products are a win-win!


  3. I have one of their pink lip sticks and I just love it! That color looks beautiful on you!

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous!


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