Friday, June 5, 2015

Have a Great Weekend

It's supposed to be 90 in Portland this weekend which means Ben and I will try to sneak away to pick some fruit on Saturday afternoon, I'll snag the last of this season's peonies at the farmer's market, and then I'll hole up next to a fan to complete some calligraphy projects! Thought I'd share some links to things I loved around the web this week:

Working in an open office environment, this hit really close to home.

I just started a Fake Quotes series on my calligraphy account Instagram. It's my pet peeve. This article from 2011 was a great example of how a misattributed or just plain incorrect quote can go viral.

I'm a huge fan of Jonathan Safran Foer and this very short piece in the New Yorker was beautiful!

Myers-Briggs is my favorite thing in the world and this series on Thought Catalog has been on-point! The latest - What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does if They Like You. I'm an ESFJ and yes, I'll ask one million questions and remember the answer to every single one.

U-Pick is going strong here in Portland. If you're local, strawberries are tapering off but are still available at Kruger's Farm and at Bella Organic. Limited cherries are ready at Bella Organic as well this weekend! Raspberries and blueberry fields are open this weekend at Columbia Farms (our favorite spot to u-pick).

If you go to Kruger and get strawberries and some fresh rhubarb, you could make these.


  1. Love these links! And I sadly, I would love a 90 degree day here in Chicago. It just doesn't seem like we've had much of a summer as of yet. Have a great weekend! XO


  2. I need to go strawberry picking this weekend before they are all gone! And I love Myers-Briggs too. I've taken the test many times over the years and I am always an ENFP.

  3. 90 degrees amazing , hope you get tons of yummy fruits. The links are amazing. And Rose pic is - amazing.

  4. Stay cool this weekend!

  5. I just stumbled upon this blog and I really enjoy your beautiful images so I would love to follow you on instagram. However, the link to insta does not seem to work - are you not on insta?

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  6. @Guide for Ladies - I just fixed that link! Whoops! :) Thanks for the kind words!

  7. Berry picking would be super fun this weekend, but we're heading out of town. We'll have to take the kids soon though. I think they'd really enjoy it. :)

  8. Wow, enjoy the summer heat! I love fresh and local strawberries.

    xx Falasha

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  9. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL :)

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Bisous from France,

    *-* Sand. *-*

  10. Quotes on IG is a nice idea.

    I love it


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  11. Gorgeous pic! Love going to the farmers market!


  12. yeey great ^_^! I'm very much an instagram addict he he so I always end up following bloggers through there.


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