Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Top: c/o Chicwish (on sale!)
Shorts: Loft 
Sandals: c/o Rockport (on sale!)
Necklace: Sparklepop (sold out)

This top is a cape. Which makes me feel gloriously super when I wear it. Like at any point I could take off, into the skies, and start saving people from muggers and super-villians. Everyone should have a caped item in their closet for moments when they need to feel like they can soar.

I'm writing this blog post with a lot on my mind, so it's apropos that I have a cape on in these photos. I need some superhero influence right now to help me complete a ton of big projects that are on my to-do list. I think I've written before about how I dislike when a ton of thing collide in a certain span of time. It fills me with a lot of anxiety and I usually get crippled by the obligations and start to cry gently in front of the AC while spritzing myself with water (true story). This potential scenario usually is enough to keep me from overbooking myself. Sometimes, life has other plans though.

Every summer Ben heads out of town to go work on his grandparents' farm in Ohio and spend about a week out in the fields helping his family. That one week always seems to coincide with something else that's big. No matter what, Ben's timing for this trip is horribly inconvenient. Last year I had to go out of town to Denver the same week and we were left without anyone to watch our cat during a really hot week in Portland (temps over 100). This year? He will have just finished the board exam and we're getting a brand new feline family member (ee!) that happens to be a teensy kitten. She's available on the day before Ben leaves, no sooner, no later. As someone who works all day, it's definitely going to be a challenge to add a kitten to a one-cat-household. Not to mention, Oregon has been heating up an insane amount and our apartment has been an inferno. It takes some coordination to keep the AC on only when necessary and keep our current kitty cool. Add on top of all of this a ton of wedding invitation clients, styled shoots, and calligraphy projects that are growing like my paper collection and ah! I'm gently crying in front of the AC again.

I know a lot of people struggle with situations like this - tons of competing priorities or anxiety inducing events (when it rains it pours) and though I'm clearly not a good example of coping, I am trying harder to take things in baby steps instead of framing things as one, compiled "week-long-obligation." First step, get cracking on these calligraphy projects. Second step? Not even thinking about it until I've gotten step one complete.

How do you cope when things get overwhelming?


  1. You are totally a super hero in that top! And you super power is look stylish! :)

  2. Such a cute look! I love it, and love that necklace! xo - Katie -

  3. What a fun shirt! Yay for being a superhero! I'm so sorry things are going to be stressful for a season. I know you can get through it and it will be all the better when your man gets home. :-)

  4. I'm a big fan of the baby steps method, I always try to remember that! You look adorable - as always!

    xx Chelsea

  5. Loving the layered look of this top, and the back is gorgeous!

  6. Great look! That top is super cute and I've always loved blue and white together... It's so classic.


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