Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wine Series: French Rosé

In the summer months, the only thing I can think about it getting home and drinking cold French rosé. Red wine leaves the wine rack almost entirely and everything that can be chilled starts to fill up the fridge - from vinho verde, sparkling rosé, prosecco, bruts, and even plain old white wine. I can't stand drinking anything with any level of heat in the summertime.

When a lot of people think of "pink wine," they assume "sweet" and liken it to the big, infamous box of Franzia. A good rosé is everything that Franzia is not. And the French make it particularly well (and for less money than their American competitors). My favorite thing about this wine, other than the color, is that you can buy a great bottle for $10-12, rather than shelling out $30+ for a good bottle of American Chardonnay or Pinot Gris.

What should a rosé be? Dry! The dryer the better. And it should also have enough structure to be enjoyed with grilled fish or another summer meal. It shouldn't lack depth or character, just because it's pink. Rosés should also be refreshing, with hints of summer fruit (without being jammy or overpoweringly sweet) like raspberries and strawberries, and many of them are a bit mineral-y.

Rosé gets its pretty pink coloring from the juice of red wine grapes being added to white wine grapes. It's probably the most endearing thing about it and makes it gorgeous in glasses. Some French wine appellations that you'll likely find great rosés? Provence and the Rhone Valley.

Just a few of my favorite cheap rosés are below (and you can find them in Whole Foods or any speciality grocery or wine store around): 
  • Château de Campuget in Costieres de Nimes (~$10). A great BBQ wine! It smells and tastes of raspberries, without being overpowering.
  • AIX Rosé 2014 Coteaux d'Aix en Provence (~$12). Nice and crisp! Love the acidity in this wine, the pale pink color, pretty label, and hint of summer fruit! 
  • Le Charmel Rosé (~$13). Seen above. This is a pretty wine that smells of summer fruits and flowers, but has a fresh finish with some acidity.


  1. Great recommendations! I have had some great roses too but I can never tell which to pick at the grocery store. I love your suggestions AND I love that you pointed out it should be DRY! Can I get an AMEN?

  2. I love Rosé! Great recommendations, hopefully I can find those here (surely since I am already in Europe). I don't know much about wine, so I love reading posts about it and learning more :)

  3. I've just recently discovered the roses! Excited to try out your picks.

  4. What a chic label! Rosés are my absolute favorite year round!

  5. Great recommendations for the wine and beautiful photos! This post makes me miss Paris!


  6. This is a fantastic list! I am all about the Rose!!

  7. I love that US wineries have really started producing stellar rosé wines in the last couple of years. Until then, I was never a fan of American rosé, but now there are so many delicious ones from Oregon. Great recommendations here, too!

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