Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An Adventure for Two

My outfit - Sweater: Gap; Pants: Gap (on sale); Boots: c/o Rockport
Ben's outfit: Shirt: Gap (similar); Pants: Sears (old); Shoes: c/o Rockport

Ben's recent rotation schedule has meant about zero "us" time. The former "us" time is used up by: sleeping, studying, or still being at the hospital. It's been an adjustment for us (we're normally pretty inseparable), but there have been some perks. The house stays clean a lot, we're getting to miss each other (we don't often have that opportunity), and I am getting to spend some time with other friends that I usually don't have any time for. The lows? They're similar to the highs: the house is empty and lonely, we're getting to miss each other, and we're getting to spend more time with others than together.

Just when it felt like we'd been stretched as thin as possible, Ben left for a rural rotation. His absence had it's ups and downs (no one to have to share wine with and getting cold at night sleeping because there was no other body heat in the room, respectively), but when he was able to come home for a weekend, it was wonderful and we soaked it all up with adventuring around Portland. Ben's first order of business: good coffee. The rural town he was in (of 1,000 people) didn't really have lattes. So off we went to the latte shop for an Alma salted caramel latte. The rural town also didn't have big slices of delicious cake, so we hit Palace Cakes for a decadent slice of mocha and chocolate and a malted buttercream cake. We watched endless episodes of the Great British Baking Show, just sitting on the couch holding hands and being happy not to be alone. And then we stocked up on produce from the farmer's market, giant dahlias, and Ben made us a big market-inspired (and sourced) pizza for an evening of great french wine, good company, and delicious eats.

We also had the chance to stroll around in the beautiful fall foliage near our apartment complex and soak in the October sunshine and step on fallen nuts and crinkly leaves. There isn't much style or dressing up in the country, so we were happy to throw on some new shoes from Rockport for our adventure. As I've said many times before, Rockport's shoes are ultra comfortable, durable, and stylish. I'm obsessed with my new Seven to 7 Ally boots (in Nutella) and Ben's new suede oxfords from Rockport are far more stylish than most of his doctor-friendly athletic shoes. Hallelujah!

In love with these shoes, too? Stay tuned for a giveaway coming up soon!

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