Monday, January 11, 2016


Cardigan: Ugg; Top: Gap; Jeans: Gap; Bag: Madewell; Shoes: c/o KELSI DAGGER BROOKLYN.

There seem to be a perpetual list of places on my radar. Bored at work, I read Eater. I scroll through PDX instagram profiles. I watch other local bloggers enjoy spots that look so quintessentially Portland that I cannot miss them. Yet I usually do miss about half of them. How can one actually eat at all the restaurants in Portland without independent wealth, not a waistline care in the world, and endless time. 

Ever since the first Kinfolk-y, minimalistic photos of Tea Bar surfaced online (plus the telltale black boba appearing in so many shots), Tea Bar has been high on my list of must-drinks. We finally made a trip to NE Killingsworth, skipping our favorite place Podnah's Pit, in the interest of awkwardly sucking down boba tea amongst Portland's legginged crowd. As soon as I'd ordered my insanely delicious chai boba, I realized that, perhaps, Tea Bar was too Portland for me. I can get behind just about everything in this city - it's weird, it's beautiful, and the food is/was good enough to earn us a #1 food city in America by the Washington Post. 

Apparently I can't get behind a space where all the of tea sippers are also wearing printed leggings, crop-top turtlenecks, and lace-up boots. Or high-waisted mom jeans with midriff baring tanks and floral half-sleeves exposed in mid-winter. But the boba was darn good.

Feeling over-dressed in down jackets rather than breezy cotton shifts with exposed panels of skin, we quickly darted next door to the new Handsome Pizza spot and enjoyed a delicious slice decked out with sausage and jalepenos along with some other people wearing what looked like wool, heavy socks, and regular jeans. I'll be honest that these open-toed stunners from KELSI DAGGER BROOKLYN were verging on the Tea Bar-side of inappropriately dressed, but the rest of my body was encased in goose feathers for the duration of the outing. 

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