Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Apartment-Friendly Bedroom Updates

I feel like I've been on a many-year-long mission to make my bedroom a sanctuary and tranquil resort in the midst of a chaotic life. But there's something so difficult about that. And it's compounded when you rent an apartment and have limited opportunity to make real edits to a room. A perfect bedroom seems about one shade of white paint and an expensive bed frame away (well, that an home ownership perhaps). I seem to be missing the absolute lack of possessions that makes most bedrooms alluring and have too many pressing expenses to buy gorgeous linens, pillows, fabric headboards, and beautiful chairs. Maybe it is the shape of the space (small and uninteresting) or just the fact that I do own things that aren't entirely white and cream. Whatever it may be, I live in distress that I can't achieve something close to those linked spaces. 

For now, I'm forcing myself to focus on small improvements to my rented space that will ultimately achieve my tranquil bedroom goals. 

Most recently, we made some small changes to the bedroom space that seemed to make a bit of a difference in the airy-feel that it was sorely lacking. 

Apartment-Friendly Bedroom Updates

1. White linens. This was our first change and it was a big leap as we have two brown/grey cats. But it has made a huge difference (and increased my weekly laundry loads. Going to bed in all white seems to make the space infinitely more peaceful. Our formerly grey comforter just made the space feel smaller. This duvet cover is from West Elm.

1.5 Throws. I think a well-placed, luxurious throw like this faux-fur throw in a light color, makes every space comfy. If you want to increase the cozy level, add a hand-woven light colored basket and pile some more in it. We have a basket at the foot of the bed that didn't get captured here, but it holds a knitted white blanket and extra pillows.

2. Bedside tables. I'm still struggling on this element of the room, as we don't have the proper space (or budget) for really nice bedside tables. We opted for side tables that take up minimal space, visual or otherwise. Without any drawers, they stop the room from looking very full or blocked. 

3. Curtains. I am convinced that you need to update whatever window dressing is in your apartment. Our townhouse came with really nice blinds, but leaving them as-is made our home feel less home-y. It felt standard. Once we installed light, linen curtains, the entire home changed for the better. I just added them in my bedroom and am insanely thrilled with the result. Instant romance.

4. Art. Apartments often look like apartments due to the lack of art displayed. Bare walls seem to yell "I won't live here for long." We have been slowly adding to our collection of wall art and recently added this calligraphy print to our bedroom. I wrote the phrase (a Hawaiian wedding vow) and over-lay it on one of the photos from our wedding. I love the romantic vibe it gives the room.

5. Lighting. This is a big budgetary struggle for me. I hate our bedside table lamps and have my eye on these, but I did get to update my desk lamp. It has made a huge difference in the look of my desk area!

For a look back into our bedroom when we first moved in, two years ago, see here.

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