Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friday Sunbreaks

I love these ankle pants from H&M and they're the only ankle-length, tight fitting pant I've yet found that looks passable on my frame. I'm usually pretty anxious about wearing them as I'm not sure if I love the areas they emphasize, but some lovely compliments from CP made me feel more comfortable in them. I like to think this outfit is a little bit Audrey Hepburn (with the black flats and pearls) with a little bit of me (blue striped top and natural hair). It certainly doesn't hurt to be surrounded by massive blooming purple rhododendron bushes as well!

Jacket: The Limited (similar); Top: American Eagle; Belt, pants, shoes: H&M (similar belt, pants, shoes); Wallet: Coach; Pearls: bought antiquing


  1. You look sa fabulous!! Love your jacket!!

  2. I really like this look. You look comfy and a bit sassy!

  3. They really are the perfect length on you. And I love the styling here too.

  4. Cute outfit! Your pics are lovely, especially with that gorgeous flower bush in the background :) Darling little blog you have here.

    ♥ Tasia

    1. isn't it a crazy blooming plant?! i love spring/summer here.

  5. Great photos, I really like your outfit :)

  6. hi! thank you. we're following now via gfc! :) you have an adorable blog too!

  7. thanks for stopping by! we're following you too now via gfc.


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