Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sweater: Target; Tank Top: Old Navy; Jeans: H&M; Flats: JC Penney; Pin: Heirloom from my husband's great grandmother

Hey guys. It's been a rough couple of days and a loooooong week so far. I think for this post I'm going to use a tried and true technique for working through anxiety and just make a list. I love lists. The kind you can check off tasks, grocery items, etc. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and often I will even list out things I've already done just so that I can immediately check them off. But today I'm not going to make a checklist, but rather a list of things about me. You could check off the ones you have in common with me if you wanted to. But no pressure. This is a calming exercise. :)

  1.  I can sing the United States in alphabetical order.
  2. I have a "hitchhikers thumb" just like my dad and my grandpa. No current plans to actually hitchhike.
  3. I get my feelings hurt very easily, so at work I have a tiny plastic rhino sitting on my shelf who reminds me to have thick skin and be tough.
  4.  I spend the last 2-4 minutes of my shower everyday obsessively rinsing any signs of shampoo out of my hair because I'm worried that I'll be walking somewhere, it will start to rain and my head will foam up like an overfilled washing machine.
  5. My top three phobias are as follows: a) Anything having to do with ancient Egypt, but especially mummies b) The idea of floating in space c) Whales. They're too big and they SERIOUSLY give me the heebie jeebies. KW and I have bonded over this one.
  6. I have my undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance.
  7. I love the way spiral notebooks look and feel once they have been filled up with notes. The pages are all crinkly and the cover a little worn. Like it has fulfilled its earthly purpose.
  8. I was CL before I was CP.
  9. I love shows like "Teen Mom" and "Extreme Pet Hoarders". So classy.
  10. I was a lunch lady for one day during college and quit because I couldn't stand smelling like cafeteria food for the rest of the day.


  1. #1 - I only know the states song through the As! After Arkansas, I don't know the tune!
    #3 - I am way too sensitive, too. I like the idea of the rhino as a reminder to be tough!
    #9 - I currently don't have cable, but when I did, I would get sucked into these ridiculous reality shows. Did you ever watch Tool Academy on VH1. Not one of my proudest moments...

  2. Pretty! Love your hair!


  3. the heirloom pin is wonderful. i love that. history is so important.

  4. Love your hair, and that blazer looks like a great Fall staple!

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  5. I love the idea of the rhino! I have the same issue, and this sounds like a colourful solution :) Also, whales :|. I totally agree. Your hair looks really sweet!

  6. cute top. Loved the hairdo

  7. Cute outfit girl!
    I totally love stripes!


  8. I love hoarders hahahaha..I love shows when people have problems cause that makes me feel better about thats bad!


  9. Loved this...hope you have a super weekend xx

  10. I love the collar on this cardi! It's such a pretty detail.

    <3 Cambria


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