Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Silhouettes

Top: Ann Taylor (old); Skirt, belt: Forever 21; Shoes: Target; Necklace: Rose quartz (similar)

There is a Radiohead song called "Everything in it's Right Place" and often, when things are feeling good in my life, I think about that line. Though it could apply to a clean apartment, or a set of books on a bookshelf, I think it works so well to describe that feeling of contentedness that I very rarely get. I am by nature an impatient, always-moving, forward-thinking person, and I find myself easily bored, tired, or frustrated with the pace around me. When I finally got the apartment I wanted, I started dreaming of a new apartment, even higher up and with better views. When I got a permanent position at my job a year ago, I was always looking forward to the idea of a promotion or a raise. It's this neuroses that makes it difficult for me to feel content, though I know that I need to just slow down and appreciate the world around me.

Right now, writing this blog post and watching the sun rise over the Cascades to the east, I feel as if everything is in it's right place. I am overjoyed to be doing my new job, love my work environment, and am excited by the challenge of doing something new. I love this apartment, the cat curled at the foot of the bed, and the quiet person sleeping under a grey quilt. I am excited for the fall, the crisp air and the cleansing cold of winter. Everything is in it's right place.


  1. Umm.. love this skirt!


  2. Such beautiful words...and outfit! You look lovely.

  3. The soft colors are so pretty on you! I think sometimes it can be hard to be 100% content with everything at any given moment.

    The Tiny Heart
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  4. Wonderful post. Love love love that skirt and belt :)

  5. THE COLORS! I adore the delicate color combination of this look. (:

  6. That outfit is perfection on you - so feminine and classic!

  7. Lovely, lovely! The softness and femininity...and PEARLS!!! :) It's effortless and uncomplicated and beautiful!


  8. What a nice post! I like the feeling of everything in its place. and I almost believe you about "the cleansing cold of winter". But the reality is that I'm not looking forward to the cold - but I am excited about boots, jeans and scarves.

    I like the soft colors with the purse in these pics, beautiful.

    More Charming in Person

  9. This is just gorgeous. I'm loving the colors and that skirt is amazing.

    Great blog; I'm your new follower. <3

    Lots of love; Pauline


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