Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome Back! How was your Summer?

Top & Pants: Old Navy; Cardigan: Target; Shoes: JC Penney

This  was my last photo shoot on campus since all the students are back and it is far too hectic to truly break out all of my favorite model poses. We had a good summer of beautiful backgrounds to work with, but that time has come to an end. Well, not really. We still have to beautiful park behind our apartments and lots of fun downtown places to explore. I headed into the cafeteria this morning for some scrambled eggs and coffee and was surrounded by a massive swarm of students back from their summers away. I couldn't even count how many times I heard "OMG HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER?!?!" followed by "OMG SO GREAT! HOW WAS YOURS?!" complete with flailing arms and lots of hugging. Just another sign that fall is basically here. 


  1. That background in these photos is BEAUTIFUL! I used to love my college campus in the summer, it's so serene, compared to what it's like in September. Great outfit too, love those pants!


  2. It's so true; that's a great signal for the start of the school year. Students have begun pouring into my university campus as well, ho hum. You look lovely! The purple pants are gorgeous!

  3. Ha ha! Do they really keep saying "Oh my god" or do they just abbreviate it to "Oh EM GEE"? Maybe they just txt it 2 each other!

    Awesome images with the sun and the tree. Seems easy enough with just the sun and a tree but somehow it's pretty special.

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