Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Head for Business and a Bod for Sin

Top, Skirt, Belt: H&M; Heels: Payless

What?! You're telling me you've never seen the movie "Working Girl" with Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford? Drop whatever it is you're doing right this second and go watch it! Melanie is adorable (as is Harrison). It's all about dressing the part and acting with confidence. Fake it til ya make it! KW and I were just discussing how good it feels to wear a piece of clothing that you know flatters you. I felt positively statuesque in this crisp, white button down. I love it so much that I wish I could wear it everyday. But of course, that would deplete its magic. Something about a dingy, over-worn button up doesn't sound very impressive. 

Jack Trainer: You're the first woman I've seen in one of these things that dresses like a woman, not like a woman thinks a man would dress if he was a woman.
Tess McGill: Thank you I guess.


  1. hot, hot, hot! the title is perfect! following you now..kisses!

  2. This is such a classic combination! And definitely one that never goes out of style. You can do no wrong in a white button-down and pencil skirt. Super polished and pretty!


  3. Lovely and classic! :) That button-down really is a winner!


  4. So stylish!! you look really pretty!


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