Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birds of a Feather

Top: LOFT; Shorts: Gap; Necklace: Shabby Apple; Purse: thrifted vintage Dooney & Bourke; Shoes: TJ Maxx; Sunglasses: American Eagle

I am sorry for bombarding you with photos of this outfit - but the pictures turned out so great that I couldn't help it. My boyfriend and I took a little walk up to reservoir near his house in Oregon and stumbled across beautiful morning sunlight and fields of grass - what more could a photographer/blogger want?!

We spent the long weekend in Eugene, Oregon and had a blast. We ate really well: Greek, Voodoo Doughnut (twice!), fresh farmer's market vegetables and baked bread, fancy cocktails at a Japanese-meets-Western style bar with friends, and a ton of French Rosé. We perused the large open-air Saturday market for sterling silver jewelry treasures, and then went shopping as well, where I got this top from the LOFT, and a whole host of other fall-oriented attire! It was a lovely weekend. 

I also thrifted this Dooney and Bourke vintage "all-weather leather" handbag which I am just in love with. It's so gorgeous, in pristine condition, and was at a boutique thrift store for such a fraction of the retail it was an instant yes!  


  1. I just saw VooDoo Donuts featured on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations...love thatshow, and those donuts looked SO GOOD. Jealous :)

    <3 Cambria

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  2. That vintage D&B bag was a great find! All that food on your trip sounds heavenly :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. The pics are wonderful - you look gorgeous and I love your freckles! Sounds like a great time - I miss Oregon so much ...

  4. Love these pics! You look great!


  5. Your legs look AMAZING in these! Love the shoot.

  6. wow! so amazing, you pictures are getting better and better!!!
    I love your freckles :)


  7. Those sandals are amazing and the necklace, so cute :).


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