Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bordeaux Stems

Top: American Eagle; Skirt: H&M; Tights: Target; Shoes: Anne Klein, Macys; Bracelet: Family heirloom

I came down with a bad cold two days ago and spent yesterday watching countless hours of Project Runway and feeling sorry for myself. Naturally, today, I need to go to work and stay late to do a career fair for my job. I am praying that ibuprofen will see me through the day intact and that the people visiting my booth at the fair don't shy away from my miserable, sick self (or maybe I hope they do shy away). 

In other unfortunate news, and this may be TMI, I also came down with a poorly placed blemish on the bridge of my nose and on top of my sniveling and coughing, I look like I have one eye that's squinty and too close to my nose and another that looks totally normal. I might as well change the name of the booth to "Trolls United" and try to recruit for that.


  1. Awww you poor baby!!! :( I'll TMI right back atcha so you don't feel alone: my skin has been acting up lately, too and I've got blemishes all over the place! Hopefully we'll both make complete recoveries sooner rather than later!


  2. love your tights! they are so cute! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! xoxo


  3. Nice post! Hope that you feel better... Nice outfit.
    Following you now.. ;)
    hope you'll follow back. Thank's A lot!

    Kisses from VV!!

  4. Hope you feel better now. Classy outfit!


  5. love those tights!

  6. I love your burgundy tights! Hope you feel better!


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