Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall is Here, Feel the Chill

Jacket: The Limited (similar); Top, tights: LOFT (toptights); Skirt, belt: H&M; Scarf: World Market; Shoes: JC Penney

It is three minutes away from sunrise here, and the clouds in the Cascade range are starting to light up in muted red and orange hues. I can see the mountain as a silhouette, backed by the light behind the horizon. It's one of the hardest parts of the changing season - the loss of precious daylight hours as winter approaches. In the summer, we have light here in Washington from about 5:30 a.m. until almost 10 p.m. It always means that the brilliant, warm part of the day is after work and it never feels like such a burden to miss the sunny hours of summer during the mid-day. In the fall, though, darkness creeps into everything - gray skies from October to May, pouring rain and soaking shoes, and sunrise at 7:30 a.m. and sunset at the horrible 4 -5 p.m. hour.

The light in the sky in our most recent posts can serve as a perfect catalog of the sun's set and rise times - we're finally able to take advantage of the golden hour as it's getting closer and closer to when we get off of work. A brilliant spot of light behind our heads, we need to take advantage of it while we still have the pleasure of it's company.

By now, the sun has risen, but I can only see half of the brilliant orange egg-yolk rising from behind the mountains. It has spilled orange light across the tips of the mountains and through the fog, I can see lights begin to illuminate and the flicker off cars against the freeway. I'll make sure to take advantage of this last month of light by starting with this vivid sunrise.


  1. LOVE your pencil skirt!!! The lighting is perfect is these photos

    xo Jackie

  2. Love the leather jacket paired with the scarf! It's been chilly in the mornings here but by the afternoon it's rather warm out. I'm dreading the early sunset of the fall, hate that!

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. Epic lighting! And I love the leather jacket and pencil, yes. But super chic and kinda edgy...awesome :)

    <3 Cambria

  4. Pretty! Love the jacket!


  5. Great jacket!

  6. Oh, I cannot wait for sweaters, tights, and pencil skirts! This outfit is lovely and has me itching for fall. Beautiful photos and lighting, too!


  7. Gorgeous! Love the jacket.


  8. Lovely blog! You're look gorgeous giiiirl!!



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  10. Great fall look:) Your jacket and belt is soo cute.

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