Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Miss Manners

Dress, Cardigan, Belt: H&M; Patterned Tights: GAP; Shoes: Target

Sometimes I'm too nice. I know, I know. That sounds like I'm bragging about what a wonderful person I am, but that's not what I mean. I do pride myself on being helpful and accommodating and as empathetic as possible. I like to take other people's feelings into consideration. Even when they are in the wrong. But I'm easily pegged. People get away with a lot around me because I'm quick to excuse their behavior, or worse, to somehow take the blame. I'm hurt easily because as much as I try to understand where others are coming from, I truly don't understand when rudeness comes from nowhere. I feel wounded not only because of whatever it was that they actually did or said that was unkind, but also because it says to me that my way isn't working. But I don't want to change to a harsher, more judgmental person. I want everyone else to just be nicer. More polite. I need to find a way to balance my desire to give people the benefit of the doubt and to still have the proper backbone when people do not afford me the same kindness. I'm sad that being nice is so often seen as being weak, because the two are not one in the same.


  1. Wow, I completely agree! I have found myself being meaner sometimes because it just seems to be more effective, but then I feel guilty later! I think everyone should be nicer!

  2. lovely dress! and the light in the pics is awesome!

  3. You look wonderful and I completely agree. I think I'm too nice sometimes as well and it can be a open door for others to dump things on you or walk all over you! Maybe sometimes it's best to be the opposite sometimes, not mean, just stern in what you want to say :) xx

  4. Lovely outfit! The tights are soooo cute...good Fall staple.
    And it is easy to fall back and not speak your mind for fear of being rude...the trick (that I am sooo far from mastering) is to "speak the truth in love." Good luck! We'll be working on that together! :)


  5. I am lovin this outfit! adorable! I am a new follower, come follow along I am excite to read more!


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