Monday, October 8, 2012

72 Degree October

Top, cardigan: TJ Maxx; Corduroy pants: H&M; Shoes: Target; Necklace: hand-me-down rose quartz; Jade bracelet: Macys; Sunglasses: American Eagle

My grandmother summers in Washington on the water and winters in Southern California in Pasadena. She's like a migratory bird, and, like birders, we often go see her when she takes off for the winter, and returns for the summer. My boyfriend and I took a quick day-trip up yesterday in the brisk fall air, driving up through all of the changing leaves. By the end of the day it was upwards of 70 degrees and the red and gold colors in the hills seemed out of place with the temperature and ability to wear a  sleeveless top. I've never experienced an October here that wasn't miserably wet and chilly, so I am trying to take full advantage of this unexpected weather gift while I can.

In fashion news, I have been living in these corduroy skinnies from H&M if you couldn't tell. They're my weekending pants - great for shopping, going to events in town (we went to a greek festival this weekend and they served me well), for going out for casual drinks or pizza with friends, and totally comfortable. I should probably stock up before corduroy goes out of style again and I'm left high and dry without my comfy cords!


  1. Beautiful pictures, love the outfit and I have the same kind of dog :)

  2. You look great! I love those tasseled shoes :)

  3. great photos! nice blog ! maybe we follow each other? let me know :-) greetings <3


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