Monday, October 22, 2012

Clued In

My office voted between several Halloween costume ideas and we've finally decided.


I will, of course, be donning my fabulous plaid trench coat (pictured above) as well as a very detective-y looking hat that I have of my grandfather's. I'm not sure if I'll put on a skirt and go for more of a Nancy Drew vibe, or if I'll attach a fake mustache and call myself Poirot! One of my colleagues is bringing a collection of pipes for each of us to carry if we'd like. I'm thinking of checking out the dollar store for some magnifying glasses. Last year we were garden gnomes, and quite adorable at that.
 I love a good theme and have already designed a sign for our front door to be displayed on All Hallows Eve Day.

Do you dress up at work for Halloween?


  1. love the bag and the jacket!

  2. Oh this is such a great fall outfit!

  3. The stripes and plaid look great together!

  4. Love the idea for your costume!
    I also love this trench. It's so classic and the plaid is amazing!

  5. sounds so fun!! i work from home so no! but anyways love this cozy fall look and the leaves and dusk lighting make this all so perfect :) and yes... haha I do!!! <3

  6. I like your costume idea for Halloween! I still have to figure out mine though.
    Gorgeous sweater too, love the filtered light on the photo's.


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