Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter is Coming

Coat, sweater: H&M; Dress: Madewell; Tights: Loft; Socks: TJ Maxx; Boots: Macys: Purse: Coach; Scarf: World Market

Yesterday it didn't get above 44 degrees and it poured the entire afternoon, filling the streets with puddles deep enough to ruin my suede heels. My cat has set up shop in front of the one heater in the apartment and he no longer minds being draped with blankets to keep him warm. And I am drinking warm cider at work again to keep from getting a chill. I think that this photo shoot represents some of the last sun we'll be getting here in Washington and I'm sad for photos, but happy that the wintry weather is setting in. It means we're closer to the holidays, my favorite time of year.

I consider this outfit my greatest feat of layering yet... and I was still freezing outside when my boyfriend kindly took these photos of me. We finished the shoot with pizza and beer at a nearby bar, and then hopped down the block to an apothecary style bar to indulge in swanky cocktails. If nothing else, the drinks and cozy company of the bars kept us warm.


  1. First off, what gorgeous photos!! Yuo have totally captured the feeling of fall :)
    And love the layering going on here...just gorgeous! Boots and socks will always be one of my favorite looks of these season :)
    XO - Marion

  2. I really love how you are wearing all white, but look so cozy and seasonally appropriate!

  3. You say winter is coming, I'm still waiting for autumn to stay.

  4. Sorry to hear the weather is getting so cold, you look fantastic with all these layers on though! I love all the Fall leaves in the background of your photos as well as the beautiful lighting. You take superb photos!


  5. Absolutely love this look! I need more high socks to accomplish this. Visit my blog and enter my giveaway!


  6. I love this outfit. I think cream in the fall and winter is great, I just can't ever put it together right, but this is good. I might have to copy you if I can find the right pieces!

    And I'm sorry about your suede pumps. I basically just stop wearing suede when fall arrives for fear of being caught in one of our frequent rainstorms.

  7. So cozy and lovely! I like so much white knitted stuffs!

  8. Such stunning photographs! Amazing how the light filters through the leaves.
    Love how you layered this look, looks really cosy and warm, perfect for colder autumn weather. Maya

  9. Lovely photographs! I love a swanky cocktail place!

  10. Nice blog dear!
    Keep up with the great work!!


  11. Such a pretty pretty look, im totally digging the whole delicate pretty dress against boots and socks thing at the moment. I did a similar outfit the other day! but my dress wasnt as pretty! sorry to hear your shoes were ruined... that damn rain! I am loving autumn right now, but fear that the depths of winter are approaching fast!xx

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  13. I like this outfit a lot actually.
    I can't wait till its cold enough in Texas (haha) and I can wear my boots and leggings, coats etc soon!



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