Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Jean jacket, Gingham Shirt, & Tights: Old Navy; Skirt: H&M; Heels: Target

Woke up this morning to a sunny, yet bitterly cold day. Photo shoot had to be rushed because our hands were freezing to the camera. I will check the forecast for tomorrow and add some layers to my ensemble. KW and I started our holiday wishlists on Pinterest, which include apartment decor, crafts, dinner ideas, sweet things, and of course presents (for ourselves and others). Is there anything better than finding just the perfectly perfect gift for someone you love? The hard part is not giving it to them early or somehow spoiling the surprise! For both KW and I, it's probably only a week or less until we start up with the Christmas tunes. 
Don't judge us! We're jolly!


  1. This definitely does not look rushed! It's gorgeous!

  2. You say rushed, I say you look beautiful and you have a dreamy look in your eyes!


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