Thursday, November 8, 2012


Cardigan: TJ Maxx; Camisole: Ann Taylor; Skirt: H&M (in stores); Shoes: JC Penney

This sequined cardigan makes me excited for holiday-wear, cozy and luxe, to make its way into our wardrobes on a more regular basis. In the cold, all skirts looked dressed up with opaque black tights and shiny patent leather heels. In the cold, jackets, wrapped around us, fur-trimmed, or just full of goose  feathers, add a warm luxuriousness to our every day errands. 

I'm a big fan of winter - Christmas and snow being my primary loves (I could pass on the freezing rain and ice storms, thank you very much) - and growing up in Hawaii, I didn't get the opportunity to enjoy either in a very seasonal way. We had snow on our mountains and would drive up occasionally to play in it - but I remember it as a rock-hard snow that would cut your hands if you slid down it too fast, and it was up at 13,000 feet where the air was so thin it was impossible to drag your trash can sled up the hill more than once. Christmas was always warm - no white snow on the ground, no seeing-your-breath  outside, no hand cut Christmas trees, no late sunrise and sunset to set the mood for the season. 

All that being said, get ready for CP and I to start into the holiday mode immediately (I'm giving my home decor a week or two more just to spare my boyfriend) with pretty brocade, light winter colors, maybe some DIY that we'll share with you, and cozy, warm, layered looks!


  1. love that cardigan! can't believe you found it at tjmaxx! :)

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  2. cute outfit! love the cardigan :)

  3. OMG that cardigan!!!! I NEED IT!!! LOVE IT! Looking fab!


  4. Love your blog and this outfit!
    New follower!
    Follow me back too?!?!

  5. Your outfit is so cute, love the sequins on the cardigan! <3

    Colour Me Classic

  6. These photos are really nice! Autumn spirit)
    Have a nice weekend!


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