Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of and Worst of 2012

This blog first came into being in May of 2012, (Ladies in Navy is still a baby blog) and over that time, I've certainly posted some great outfits and some terrible outfits, that still make me cringe. Sometimes its hard for me to distinguish between bad outfit and bad photo-shoot, but below I'm trying to parse out the difference. First up?

The worst of 2012 (let's get the bad news out of the way):

This outfit is a perfect start to the worst of, as it was probably the absolute worst outfit ever posted on the blog. It might have been the way it made me feel that was so awful, but there was too much fabric all over the place and I spent the entire day adjusting my waist belt. Needless to say, that skirt met the trash can shortly after the post! (Full post here)

Here's another example of a too-much-fabric situation... This maxi dress was a summer staple but paired with this top and belt, it made me feel a bit too Free People, hippie-music festival chic. Sticking to tailored options in the future! (Note a similarity between the posts... those darn shoes!). The full post is here.

The trend here seems to be summer... I hate all outfits that include: summery items and sandals. I guess heels are key. Though I love this sweater (and wear it often), love those sandals and wore them all summer, and love the anchor blouse as a stand alone or layering option... this outfit looked awful. I felt like I was wandering around in someone's crocheted grocery bag... Full post can be found here.

And finally, two looks that struck me as entirely unimaginative. Must have been during weeks when I didn't go shopping and had nothing else ironed in the closet. Compared to the rest of the bunch, at least these are passable for work!

But enough of the bad news outfits. There were some winners of 2012 (mainly ones that pushed my personal fashion envelope) and they are below:

I felt tall, classy, and totally put together in this outfit. Large thanks to the matching leather detail on the Franco Sarto heels and vintage Dooney and Bourke purse... bet the J.Crew silk blouse didn't hurt either. Full post here.

This post made me feel closer to those fashion blog giants: sky high heels, indigo velvet skinnies, and a big bird sweater that bared some tummy... Maybe not a look anyone else would choose as fashion forward, but it made me feel awesome! Full post can be found here.

Finally, a summer look I actually liked! This outfit is what I'd like to emulate next summer: tailored, classy lines, speckled loafers, and brown leather detail. Let this serve as a reminder that sandals and maxi dresses are not my forte and midi skirts are. Full post.

This outfit struck me as a "Best of..." as it's something I'd never have worn before the blog. High waisted paper bag shorts? Nope! Tees tucked in to shorts? No. Heels and shorts? No way. I thought I pulled it off well considering my fear of all things related to my thighs. Full post here.

And finally, a layered look that I loved as my color combos (browns and greys?) worked surprisingly well together! This outfit also symbolizes two new things that came about from the blogging adventure: thrifting for gorgeous purses (see the Coach one above) and winning giveaways (silk Madewell dress from Lemoncrate). Woohoo for blogging! Full post here.


  1. I love love love the outfit white he white pencil skirt and the red blouse! It's so chic!

    I don't believe any of the "worst" are that bad! They're all really pretty! That's just my opinion though!

    Check out my latest post !

  2. Totally agree with you...looking back on your blog can really make you both smile and cringe! But if it makes you feel better, even your worst outfits aren't really that bad :) Isn't it amazing how your style changes when you start blogging? I got so much more adventurous. P.s. you should rock high-waisted more often now, it looks great on you!

    <3 Cambria

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  3. It's great to see the good and bad! Love these type of posts, wish I had thought about showing my least favorites.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  4. Oh, a blog is a work in progress :), we learn something new every day!
    Happy Holidays and a Perfect New Year!


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