Monday, December 31, 2012

The Tides

Coat: Lilies boutique; Sweater: H&M; Dress: TJ Maxx; Tights: Gap: Shoes: Target

Ben and I decided we needed a vacation from our long vacation and so we ventured over into the next town (across the water) to do a quick tavern visit and a brewery tasting trip. It's amazing what you can find just twenty minutes away in small towns nearby. We enjoyed some great pub fare at the Tides Tavern and half of a Seahawks game at a tavern and then moseyed over to a somewhat new brewery (7 Seas) across the street to try a sampler tray. I got a "Ballz Deep IPA" which strikes me as a drunkenly brainstormed name for a beer. We struggled through the beers (the brewery was the second pint of the day) as my IPA was 8.4% ABV! I am still recovering while waiting for some indian food to come out of the slow cooker.

As the town was a classy, older town, we dressed up a bit and I sported this outfit (in colors that complimented the fact that it was a town on the water) and Ben wore a pretty wool sweater layered over a button down. Turned out that the town was eccentrically dressed - think overalls over sweatshirts (ew) and Seahawks jerseys. Oh well...


  1. very cute, love the photos :)

  2. I really love this look, those tights are really cute!
    Happy New Year darling!

  3. I love the textured tights! They add such great detail to the outfit!


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