Saturday, January 5, 2013


Sweater: Forever 21; Tank: J. Crew; Pants, flats: H&M; Scarf: Gift

I think that I am a pretty honest blogger - I traditionally post what I actually wearing (though sometimes a day late) and I rarely wear something in a blog post that I wouldn't wear out or to work. Those sky-high Steve Madden heels are one exception (they are impossible to walk in, but photograph so well!). But today it struck me that there are some ways that I am totally not honest in my blogging. In Tacoma today it was drizzly, in the high thirties, and blustery. In other words, it was absolutely freezing. When Ben was taking my photos he was all bundled in a down coat, scarf, beanie, socks, and jeans and a thermal sweater. My metallic, chain-mail-esque sweater is pretty drafty and I had soft H&M ballet flats on that let all the muddy puddle water and cold in... and I thought I was going to absolutely freeze to death. In that sense, this outfit was totally dishonest. So below, for truth's sake, I've posted what I actually looked like, big old Northface coat and all:


  1. LOVE this outfit! It is amazing and so cute! nice work!
    Check out my latest post !


  2. Such a cute sweater! Great look, hon. x

    <3 Melissa

  3. Haha cute pic of you all snuggled up in your jacket! I sometimes have to cheat a bit on mine too, just because it's like 0 here in Minnesota and I wear boots to work! I esp like the metallic look of this sweater paired with the bright blue.

    <3 Cambria


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