Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter by the Sea

Coat: NorthFace; Sweater, scarf, belt: H&M; Dress: Forever 21; Boots: Target

This weekend went by much too quickly and I'm totally unprepared for a full week of work! We've currently got tikki masala in the slow-cooker bubbling away and are lazing around the somewhat messy house reading and playing games on the iPad. Ben discovered the "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" game and we've been learning that we are not smarter than a fifth grader all weekend.

Other than being lazy today, we had a nice Friday night dinner out at the best sushi place in town and then  spent Saturday shopping at H&M (see the sweater above), running errands, and doing one of those terrible big grocery re-stock runs that make you regret living on the seventh floor, not having a paid parking stall, and purchasing so many cans of black beans. On Saturday we went unexpectedly barhopping with friends, stopping by a local brewery, the best sandwich place/bar in town, and then to a local apothecary style bar for the best drinks of our lives. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that your work weeks are not entirely stressful!


  1. Beautiful scenery and an even more beautiful lady!! These pictures are gorg. It's movie-like!!

  2. Love the chunky knit scarf! The photos by the water are so gorgeous!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I've never been at the sea in the winter time!

  4. Looking adorable! love the sweater, it looks cozy :)


  5. Loveee this, such pretty photos! Winter by the water is just the loveliest :)
    xx, Emily


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