Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Coldest Day

Sweater: H&M; Pants, boots: Target

I braved what felt like the coldest weather in the history of the world for these photos. As you can see in some of the more bundled pictures, it was absolutely freezing out. Ben and I woke up late and seeing some beautiful sunlight outside, decided to venture forth in 28 degree weather to soak up some vitamin D. After a quick trip to the Antique Sandwich Company to eat some delicious honey-sweetened lemonade and deluxe sandwiches, we headed down to the beach that was totally deserted save for a few brave families walking their dogs. The sun had since set behind the hill and we were left without any vitamin D to soak up and some harsh winds coming down from the mountains. We caught a bit of the golden hour (at four p.m., ugh) when we drove out of the park and snapped the last photos that make me seem like a red-head. Rest assured, it's all brunette, except in setting sunlight.

Let me just say that the only nice part of thirty degree weather is that you don't need blush! Your cheeks get rosy quick and stay that way for hours!

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