Friday, January 11, 2013

Morning Sun

Top: H&M - in stores (similar); Skirt: Lilies boutique; Shoes: Steve Madden from; Necklace: gorjana

I am home sick from work today with a confluence of illness elements - a multi-day headache that wants to be a migraine and some kind of stomach bug. These kinds of things always hit me on Fridays and linger on through the weekend, totally wrecking weekend plans for eating delicious happy hour food... You win some, you lose some.

For this sick day on the couch, here's a loose and flowy, flapper-inspired outfit that looks comfy even to me sitting here in my soft robe. I bought this top the other day at H&M, wooed, as always, by scalloping (what could be prettier?) and beading. In my ideal world everything would be scalloped, beaded, in blushes and blacks, and made of chiffon. A ballerina dream world, anyone?

My kitty is a proud sponsor of this post - he was looking so cute cuddled in the sun that I couldn't help but feature him.


  1. Feel better! I also love scalloped fashions. So feminine and cute. - Carla

  2. love your outfit and your kitty! I hope you feel better! you have a lovely blog :) new follower!


  3. i hate being sick!! but adore this beautiful outfit, so flowy! like you said!
    Helene in Between

  4. Blown away by your blog - and your cat! (pun not intended) - and am definitely a new follower!

    Also, I hope you feel better soon and have a great weekend - full of happy hour food!

  5. I just love this outfit! the black top with the rose skirt and those lovely high heels is like perfections! you have the most beautiful blue eyes! just thought i'd let you know :p. adorable kitten too. I always love snuggling with my dog when I'm ill..always makes me feel better!


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