Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picnic at Dusk

Sweater: H&M (similar); Pants: Gap; Shoes: Bandolino; Watch: Oclock

The weather just got pretty here in Washington and this entire week has been sunny and approaching (or meeting tomorrow and Friday) 70 degrees. When the sun even peeks out here, people flood outdoors and do bizarre things in about 64 degrees - they break out the bikinis, they wear tanks, have picnics, splash around in the freezing sound, and generally have too much fun. Ben and I decided to have a picnic during the golden hour with soft cheeses, delicious rosemary bread and a light french rose. By evening the breeze was a bit chilly so I needed a loose-weave sweater and pants (as opposed to a bikini like others around). I really loved wearing this casual look and it kept me nice and warm as the breeze picked up and the sun set.

I think that you need to live in a totally miserable-weather location to be able to appreciate the warm weather and changing seasons. Ben does not agree, but as I grew up in Hawaii with gorgeous days every single day, I can tell you - it's not that special when every single day is 76 degrees with an ocean breeze. Here, where is rains about 364 days of the year, people go bonkers when it's sunny. Everyone gets giddy, overwhelmed, and sometimes we get off of work early... because it's sunny outside. Trust me folks, appreciate your rainy days!

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  1. great photos!
    the sun shining in your photos looks awesome

  2. beautiful picnic ur top looks super comfy :)

    XO Meghan

  3. The picnic looks so fun! I definitely appreciate the warm weather SO much more after going through a long, cold winter.

    The Tiny Heart
    $50 Target Giveaway!

  4. Your picnic looks amazing, and so does that cozy sweater!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. very stylish picnic..

  6. Those butterfly cookies! Soooo cute and fun, perfect for a picnic!

  7. I love your picnic outfit! Super cute and comfortable.


  8. Awesome picnic photos! You look very charming on these pics!

  9. Your picnic sounds like something from a dream!! How romantic and fun. These pictures turned out gorgeous as well, the lighting is just stunning.

  10. These photos are just amazing! I havent been on a picnic for years but this is making me want to go on one now! x

  11. Picnics are my favorite, especially for dates. You look fab, and the lighting in these is too perfect!

  12. Yay for picnics! I am so jealous of how beautiful it is there! I wanna go on a picnic.

  13. Ooh I need to have a picnic in the park... it would be amazing..
    Looks like it was fun evening...

  14. Wow! A Picnic is always a good idea!! And you look beautiful!

  15. I love the lighting of this photo shoot! you look great!

  16. you are so pretty! and this outfit looks so cozy

  17. This looks like a wonderful picnic and that cookie looks so yummy. I haven't been on a picnic since I was a kid!



    Southern (California) Belle

  18. That butterfly cookie is the perfect accessory haha! And I completely agree, growing up and living in Canada, the first break of sunlight and warm weather drives people CRAZY HAPPY over here! haha. Trust me, your theory is true!


  19. super simple outfit but perfect for the weather! Love it!

    Xx Karen


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